PO confirmation not sent to ECC

November 30 0
Hi SNC Gurus
I have typical problem in PO collaboration, for PO confirmation. The PO is confirmed and published in SNC and showing status published, but the confirmation not updated on ECC side.
In application log (Transaction SLG1 - getting error as- PO XXX Item XXX: "ShippingPeriodEndDateTime should come before ShippingPeriodStartDateTime"
One more thing I checked is when PO delivry date is as per "Planned delivery date" in the material master then PO confirmation is working fine.
But when PO delivery date is not as per planned delivery time . ie suppose planned delivery time is 15 days in matl master but i enter delivery date in PO as equal to future 10 days then PO confirmation is not flowing from SNC to ECC..
Also please let me know how mode of transport duration in transportation lane affects PO shipping date on SNC side?
Will appriciate you early reply.
Hi Nikhil
Thanks for the reply, but in POC3 we have only below validation profiles maintained
The profile you mentioned is not maintained.
PO confirmation not sent to ECC

Hi SNC Gurus I have typical problem in PO collaboration, for PO confirmation. The PO is confirmed and published in SNC and showing status published, but the confirmation not updated on ECC side. In application log (Transaction SLG1 - getting error as

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