Plus/minus icon for TOC books

November 30 0
Afternoon all,
So I see that in RH8, I can create a TOC. When in the RH8 application, the TOC Pod shows +/- or expand/contract icons to the left of each TOC book, with little dashed lines to each book/page.
But when I generate WebHelp, no such +/- icons appear.
Am I missing something? Or is the +/- just a feature of the TOC within RH8? I'd like them to display in my WebHelp output like they do in CHMs. I don't necessarily need the dashed lines.
Any clue you can bat my way...
Hi Patrick
These are simple images. See if the link below helps.
Click here to view
Cheers... Rick
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Afternoon all, So I see that in RH8, I can create a TOC. When in the RH8 application, the TOC Pod shows +/- or expand/contract icons to the left of each TOC book, with little dashed lines to each book/page. But when I generate WebHelp, no such +/- ic

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