Playback stuttering with certain types of animations

October 11 0
We are experiencing heavy stuttering or jerking attempting to play back certain types of animations. The problem persists with several codecs, regardless of pixel size or compression, both in the Quicktime player and within applications that rely upon quicktime for playback, such as Adobe After Effects 7. We have tested rendering out directly into quicktime format with different compressions, and rendering out many types of image sequences. The problem has occurred on both a G5 Dual 2 gig with 3.5 gb of ram (running quicktime 7.1.6), and an octocore with 4 gb of ram (running quicktime 7.1.3). Both machines are running OSX 10.4.9 system software. Another employee here made a DVD of this animation, compressing using apple products and using DVD Studio pro, and the jerkiness translated onto the DVD.
The jerkiness is completely random, always occurring in a different place, and not tied in any specific way to the motion. When viewed frame by frame the animation is completely smooth. The animation involves panning across a flat, large bitmapped image, so no frame rate or interlacing issues are involved. There is a lot of contrasting detail in the image, so a lot of information is being conveyed pixel to pixel. The stuttering has that look as if the hard drive is too slow, but as the problem persists even with 480x270 highly compressed quicktimes (i.e. sorenson) under 5 mb, hard drive speed should not be an issue.
Other quicktimes, that don't involve panning, seem to play fine.
There is no audio tied to these files.
The problem also persisted in Maya's FCheck application, which makes me unsure if it's quicktime, but for all I know FCheck also utilizes quicktime resources to work.
The video cards involved are the GE Force FX 5200 (G5) and the Quadro Effects 4500 (Octocore).
This problem is severe for us as we are unable to see what our designs actually look like, and we are at wits end trying to solve it. Not to mention how clients feel looking at jerky previews and their comfort level with that. Delivery is approaching an no solution is in site. Any help would be appreciated.
You jest that someone would share with us the file in question. Shame and 100 noodle lashes for asking. I will get out the ouija board and 8-ball and try to make my own assumptions lacking any evidence at all.
Playback stuttering with certain types of animations

We are experiencing heavy stuttering or jerking attempting to play back certain types of animations. The problem persists with several codecs, regardless of pixel size or compression, both in the Quicktime player and within applications that rely upo

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