Outbound idocs

November 30 0
hello all
few months ago I made background job
which use similar transaction to BD87 (rbdmon00)
but someone deleted it
and right now I need to recreate it
... I don't remember code of this transaction...
I need to reread once more all iDocs with status 02
just to sent them.
I can use to do that transaction BD87 \but only manually
to do that in background job I need to use this transaction code which I forgot...
When I've done it our previous abaper give me this transaction code... and I didn't write it down :/
please - anyone have any idea ... ?
Hi ,
You can use transaction WE02/WE05/WE09 for the same . Just give the input parameters : like status - 02 , the date when you created the Idocs,direction etc. You can retrieve the same .
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