OID Resource Access Descriptors in Forms and Reports

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Dear Colleage,
In my Forms application (Oracle Application Server 10g (version 9.04), I call Reports from certain Forms. I have have SSO activated in both Forms and Reports. I have also defined two RADs (Resource Access Descriptors) in the OID called RKMSPROD and RKMSTEST, i.e. for the production DB and test DB respectively. I successfuly configured my formsweb.cfg file with [RKMSPROD] and [RKMSTEST] and can access the the corresponding DB using the URL parameter, e.g. CONFIG=RKMSTEST.
Question 1
Is the DB connection associated with the RADs (i.e. RKMSPROD or RKMSTEST in my case) implicitly passed on to the Reports server when I start a report job via the built-in RUN_REPORT_OBJECT or do I have to explicitly add the SSOCONN=RKMSTEST parameter before using the built-in RUN_REPORT_OBJECT?
Question 2
If I have to set the SSOCONN, how can I find out programatically, which RAD is currently active? I am using the same forms to access the two different DBs.
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Connect info is passed when making the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT call. No changes to Reports is needed. The only requirement is that both Forms and Reports have SSO enabled. The same information used to connect to Forms will be used to connect to Reports.
More details are described in the Forms/Reports Integration White Paper:
Specifically refer to the section titled "Using the Run_Report_Object () Built-in" on page 20.
OID Resource Access Descriptors in Forms and Reports

Dear Colleage, In my Forms application (Oracle Application Server 10g (version 9.04), I call Reports from certain Forms. I have have SSO activated in both Forms and Reports. I have also defined two RADs (Resource Access Descriptors) in the OID called

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