OBIEE 11g additional table in the generated sql

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Hi gurus,
In OBIEE 11g RPD, we have a fact table whose source table is consisted by table A, B, C. Table A joins to table C while table B joins to tables C. And in the content tab, table C is used to filter out some records . If we select a column of A(The aggregation rule of this column is SUM) in the answers only, then table A, B, C are in the generated sql. If we remove the aggregation rule of this column, then there're only table A, C in the generated sql. We're wondering why this happened, but can't figure out.
In this case, the relationship between table B and C is many to one. So additional table B in the generated sql may cause wrong sum. And we need the aggregation rule to sum the number. On the other hand, we can't remove the join between table B and C, since other reports need the join.
Could anyone please provide a solution to remove the additional table B in the generated sql?
Thanks & regards!
Are you using in one report data from tables A, B, C at the same time? If not:
1) Try separating the logical schema by:
- Create an alias table for A and B in the physical layer. Then join these 2 tables. No create another Alias table for B (with a slightly different name) and one Alias table for C. Join these 2 tables (B+ and C)
- Then put everything in your BMM and presentation layer.
- Test your results. Take into account that if you are working with data in tables A and B you have to use the "fact table" B but if you use data in table C, use instead fact table from table B+.
Your logical schema would be like A-->B B+-->C
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Hi gurus, In OBIEE 11g RPD, we have a fact table whose source table is consisted by table A, B, C. Table A joins to table C while table B joins to tables C. And in the content tab, table C is used to filter out some records . If we select a column of

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