New MAC PRO: itunes audio playback-stuttering, glitching, skipping

November 30 0
I have a brand new mac pro 3.2ghz quad, with 8gb ram (bought a couple weeks ago). All seems fine with the exception of brief skips, glitches and stutters with audio playback in itunes. I tried updating to itunes 11 and this did not resolve the problem. My music files play fine on my girlfriends macbook pro (purchased over a year ago), and never had any problems on my old machine (imac 24inch aluminum). I went to apple with the problem and after multiple system recoveries they determined that the computer was faulty and sent me a replacement. I just received the replacement and tested out some downloaded music from the itunes store and the same problem happened. Am I just unlucky to get two computers with this issue? Is it the Mac Pros? Has anyone had this issue with mac based machines, specifically the mac pros? I saw another thread on the issue but seemed to be primarily windows users running itunes. The skipping happens as frequent as every 20-30 seconds to every few minutes, but it is definitely enough to notice
Hi Greg.
I seem to have discovered this problem this weekend. I listen to a lot of music from my apple devices and have done for years. What I have noticed this weekend is that both my Macbook 2008 and iMac late 2010 both suffer with a brief stutter every minute or so making the enjoyment of listening to music a little annoying. Both are running Mountain Lion 10.8.2. My iMac is running the 2.93 GHz intel i7 processor with 8GB ram. Playing music should be a doddle!
From my point of view both Macs are running independently to external speakers. The music I am running on those 2 devices has been ripped on both devices. e.g. Macbook has ripped and plays Apple Lossless format and my iMac has ripped and plays songs in 320kbps. My guess is its a bug with the new iTunes 11 or Mountain Lion although I have been using 11 since its release.
While I'm not able to supply a fix I think its safe to say its not your new Mac Pro. One other thing to note is that I have been running up until this weekend a 7 or 8 year old Mac Mini as a media device in my kitchen playing Apple Lossless format with no issues at all. This device however is running Snow Leopard with all updates applied. The Macbook is now playing the Lossless music with stutters that was ripped on the Mac Mini that was playing OK.
So is the problem Mountain Lion?
Take care
New MAC PRO: itunes audio playback-stuttering, glitching, skipping

I have a brand new mac pro 3.2ghz quad, with 8gb ram (bought a couple weeks ago). All seems fine with the exception of brief skips, glitches and stutters with audio playback in itunes. I tried updating to itunes 11 and this did not resolve the proble

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