MSS Modification

November 30 0
Hi All,
   Requirement is to modify an iview under "Compensation" workset in the MSS 60.1 Business Package.
   I have completed the following steps in setting up JDI as per the Cook Book available in SDN.
   1) Created Domain and Track in CMS
   2) Added .sca software comp for MSS to the track
   3) Imported the Track successfully into NWDS using Development Configuration perspective.
   4) DTR is connected (online)on my NWDS.
   Now how do I go about modifying the iview under ECM module? I do not see any iviews in the entire folder stucture which I can check out and modify. There is enough documentation to get this far. But unable to go any further.
   Any help will be much appreciated!
If you want to modify some thing in MSS, first open the DC which you want to modify and look views which starts with VC, then locate exact view and start modifying, once you try to modify it will ask you to create a activity. after modification check in and activate it. If you need further help let me know.
MSS Modification

Hi All,    Requirement is to modify an iview under "Compensation" workset in the MSS 60.1 Business Package.    I have completed the following steps in setting up JDI as per the Cook Book available in SDN.    1) Created Domain and Track in CMS   

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