Monitor changes in text file

October 11 0
I have a text file named Log.txt. I want that as soon as something is written on log.txt a notification is generated instantly. I don't want to use two threads: one that writes and other that reads and generates notification instead I want to use some kind of event generator such that as soon something is written an event is generated in which I will add send notification in the action part. Please guide me its urgent
I'm afraid I do not know of any possibility other than periodically polling for changes. As far as I know, e.g. log4j also solves its reconfiguration using a thread checking the last modified timestamp on its configuration file.
Monitor changes in text file

I have a text file named Log.txt. I want that as soon as something is written on log.txt a notification is generated instantly. I don't want to use two threads: one that writes and other that reads and generates notification instead I want to use som

Rule alert suppression based on time (Text files)

Hi I have set a text based rule to alert me when a certain phrase is written in a csv text file. I can suppress the alerts so that it shows me only one alert with a repeat count. I can't work out how to put a time window on this. I would like it so t

Reading a text file into a program

Hi First off I am new to this and know very little about Cocoa programming. I have followed some tutorials e.t.c. and can make basic applications but I have a project I am doing which requires more knowledge than I have. The problem: part 1 I can mak

Loading a text file into a global variable issue - really a global var?

From all the documentation and examples I can find, it appears that it would be correct to create a global array variable [outside of any functions] to load image names into, then use these images for a slideshow. I want to make the app dynamic, in t

Is it possible to export all information (metadata, list of pictures within each album or project) about ALL pictures in Aperture to text files, in a single operation?

I have downloaded a trial version of Aperture because I would like to switch from using Picasa and gimp to using Aperture.  I already know that I want to use Aperture, and that I cannot learn how in 30 days.  I want to use the 30 days to see if I can

Can not print text file.

I have a problem since I upgrade to 10.6.7. All text file, including docx, pdf, and so on, can not be printed. Only the image file can be printed correctly. Here is a report: Process: cupstomcdufr2 [7642] Path: /Library/Printers/Canon/UFR2/Cores/cups

FM????? Text file to Internal table in Background

Hi, I need to execute my prog in background and as per my req i need to dwnload a file from prsentation server to internal table for processing. I'm not sure whch FM to use to dwnload from text file to internal table. I cannot use GUI_UPLOAD FM for b

Problem in text file to xml scenario

hi, while executing the Flat file (txt) to xml file scenario, the txt file picked up from my source directory, but i could not find in my target directory. when i check message monitoring, it is showing successful. Audit Log for Message: af840930-3fa

Java write/append to each line of a text file

I have spent numerous hours trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. If anyone more experienced could tell me what is wrong with my code. I have a very simple text file with 5 lines: line1 line2 line3 line4 line5 All I am trying to do is append so

Adding own name in Receiver Text file in receiver FCC

hi, In my receiver file CC(using file content conversion) I want to add some names on the receiver text file name automatically. sender is R3 that is IDOC as MI. In that field called CURCY on one segment and country one segment. ex. Now the receiver

How can I get rid of "Jagged Edges" in FCP from .psd/.tif/.tga text files?

Hi guys, I posted this once before but don't know if anyone looked at it or not. I am getting "Jagged Edges" in .psd/ .jpg/ .tif/ .tga text files when I edit them in FCP5.1.4. What is going wrong? It is getting very frustrating for me at this po

How to read long line from text file

Hi, I just faced problem when reading a big text file. BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("D:\\afile.txt")); String str; int i; while ((str = br.readLine())!=null) i++; //do some work here... ...This code throws exception: Exc

Text file manipulation before load to ODS

Hello Experts, I have a text file with 3 fields(comma separated): GLCode (Number), Desc1 (Char), Desc2(Char) and need to load it into BW. My Text file looks like: 1011.00,"Mejor PC Infrastructure","This line is ok." 1012.00,"Telep

Text File - to- XMLFile  scenario    Conditions

Hi friends,       My Text File contain data like this <b>MAT_NO</b> M1 M2 M3 <b>MAT_NAME</b> MONITOR PROCESSOR USB <b>MAT_PRICE</b> 5000 2000 800 Ect............................................. the above is my Text fil

Monitoring for a collected file

Hi there folks I have a need to use SCORCH to perform some automation based upon a file.  Essentially this is what I wish to do - Write a text file to a share on an SCCM client.  There will in fact be a number of SCCM clients - The folder is monitore

Refresh cannel data from ever growing text-file

(I previously mis-posted this in the general forum, sorry!) Hi, I have text files coming in, each to add 250 values to a channel every 30 seconds.  I am writing some code to massage the incoming data, and append the 4 channels to a single text file.

Can I combine two text files into ine with ZEN

I have to append a really long character string onto an existing txt file. I tried to modify the file in ZEN but the app blows up when it runs. Is there a way I could concatenate these two txt files together with ZEN instead?Another option would be t

Dump SCOM Alerts to Text File

Hi Guys,  Is there a way to dump scom alerts to a text file?  For example, I have created a monitor to detect a particular eventid. I want to dump this information (date/time, hostname, event description etc.) to a text file instead of the usual emai

How Open And Print Proc C Genrated Text File Based Report ON Browser

Dear Sir I have my old 6i forms from which i runs some Pro*c programmers with the help of HOST() command ,and then that generates a normal text file as a resultant report like file name "kha10" which i can easily open with any text client ,,, no

Open and read from text file into a text box for Windows Store

I wish to open and read from a text file into a text box in C# for the Windows Store using VS Express 2012 for Windows 8. Can anyone point me to sample code and tutorials specifically for Windows Store using C#. Is it possible to add a Text file in W