Magic Mouse single click double clicks and drops dragged images

October 11 1
Last few weeks my Magic Mouse has started behaving strangely. When selecting something with a single click the mouse seems to double click and open the item instead of just selecting it. Very frustrating. When dragging anything across the screen it always drops the item halfway there.
What is going on? Software? Hardware? I have no 3rd party software installed and have tried various double click speeds with the same result.
Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
A lot of people have encountered this, Tom, myself included (see discussion here for instance:
It appears to be a bug in the OS. Annoying, but until Apple fix the problem, it's something we're unfortunately going to have to live with. Sorry I can't help you further.
Magic Mouse single click double clicks and drops dragged images

Last few weeks my Magic Mouse has started behaving strangely. When selecting something with a single click the mouse seems to double click and open the item instead of just selecting it. Very frustrating. When dragging anything across the screen it a

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