JVC GZ-HD7 .tod files, playback stutters in QT but playback fine in iMovie

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I know there had been posts in other threads about this or similar, but I see that most had been answered, so I though it best to create a new thread for my specific questions.
I am able to convert my .tod files either in QTpro (using the JVC provided plugin for QT and simply doing an export) or using MPEG-SC 1.93beta. What I am trying to figure out though, is what has worked for others in getting the best quality from the .tod files, specifically when filming in 1920x1080 and not 1440 cbr mode.
It was recommended to use the Apple intermediate codec in a different thread. I have tried this and the h.264. The h.264 had the largest file size after export and the least amount of stuttering but it was still there. As a test I used only a 2 min clip.
It isn't a deal breaker since once the .mov's are imported into the timeline of iMovieHD they playback perfectly. But I would like to be sure that I am exporting correctly and able to playback the raw clips in QT.
Lastly, could anyone share with me how long it is taking to convert their clips and what methods used. It took me 1 hour to export a 9 min clip to .mov, and even longer for a straight import into iMovie without converting the .tod file first (drag the .tod to the clip pane.)
Also, this is really stupid, but I have never set up a batch convert for file in MPEG-SC...Can you tell me how this is done so I can start a batch and come back to this machine in a week or so.
As with most things, the specific workflow may depend on a number of different factors. In this case, it may depend on the specific version of MPEG Streamclip in use and the specific nature/variation in processes required. In all instances, however, batch processing is intiated by selecting the "Batch List" List menu option. If you are using the latest 1.9b3 version, you can then:
1) If performing a series of the same, simple, basic conversions/Demux operations (e.g., dumux a all of the SG1 season 1 VOBs to elementary streams), then simply press the "Add Files" button in the "Batch List" window and enter the specific information as requested. (I.e., select source files, how to prepare them, what conversion/demux operation is to be performed, specify the target name/destination, etc.)
2) If you are performing more complex actions (e.g., converting a series of 16 x 9 source files to different cropped/scaled aspect ratios like 1.85:1, 2.35:1, and 2.40:1, then I would use the normal "work" window to select each source file and enter the different/unique settings desired for each and then press the "Batch List" button in the "Work" window to add destination file information and transfer all of your settings to the batch list.
JVC GZ-HD7 .tod files, playback stutters in QT but playback fine in iMovie

I know there had been posts in other threads about this or similar, but I see that most had been answered, so I though it best to create a new thread for my specific questions. I am able to convert my .tod files either in QTpro (using the JVC provide

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