IWork's issue

November 30 0
Now with lion I have many problem with Iwork's
by exemple, when I open a existant numbers document , I can't write text or numbers in the box in the table
what can I do to fi this issue
Martin L
Hello Eric,
Unfortunately this has not solved the problem.  I ended up disabling them all and ultimately deleting the duplicates.  Adobe works so that is my work around for now, although I prefer Preview.
I appreciate your help,
IWork's issue

Now with lion I have many problem with Iwork's by exemple, when I open a existant numbers document , I can't write text or numbers in the box in the table what can I do to fi this issue THX Martin LHello Eric, Unfortunately this has not solved the pr

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My iPad is hanging when I try to update my iWork apps. Apple support said that there was a problem with the iTunes store and that's what is causing the error. I started the initial update in 3G but obviously had to switch to wifi because of the file

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I have a rather large Numbers docuement that I want to share with family.  Easy to do with the upload link to iWork, however I keep getting a message that I need to make more room for the document.  There are no other documents posted!!  If this docu

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i am unable to insert an iWork09 document into blackboard where the instructor can edit the document...the format changes and is to a point unreadable and certainly uneditable. i can't even save a mac doc as a .doc. any ideas?If Office 2008 is workin

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I would like to install my iWork software on an external HD where I keep my writing and research software. However, every time I try it won't let me instead referring me back to my main HD. I don't have the required 3Gs for installation available the

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I have just bought my first laptop and first Apple in the form of a MacBook and am currently trying to decide whether to make the jump to iWork or download Office or Windows for mac onto my computer. I have had a bit of a play with the trial version

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I installed my registered copy of Keynote and Pages [iWork 05] on a new MacPro. After the initial serial number request each application runs. However subsequent access to either application requires repetitive serial number association. I can't run

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I have 2 Macs. A MacBook Pro (purchased in 2009) and a Desktop (which was purchased in 2006 and won't run Maverick). Both hard drives crashed. Desktop was backed up, MacBook was not. (really bad). New hard drives on both. Thanks to recovery software,

Apps say they belong to another Apple ID and won't update

I recently bought a 2nd hand MBP. I made a new user, deleted the old user and used migration assistant to move my stuff from my old MBP. However, despite my having owned pre App Store versions of iWork apps the Mac App store continually tells me ther

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What do I need to do to open Office 2004 (word AND excel) documents? PowerPC issues etc. They don't open on iWork '08. Happy to upgrade to iWork or Office just to be able to access my docs from Office 2004 again - please can someone advise? Cheers.Hi

IWork(Keynote, pages and numbers) doesn't work well about the issue of copy & paste problem

I think so, too. the Keynote 6.5 is not working well on Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10.1). In my case, I can't copy & paste from some program(particularly analysis program in my case) to Keynote. So, when I check coping & pasting the graph or image and

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iWork hangs at startup anytime that I launch the applications when I'm behind a firewall. I can reproduce this problem very easily by successfully starting up the application on home home network and encountering problems anytime I launch the applica

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I am contemplating buying a MBP. However I'm confused and concerned about the spreadsheet issue - an apparent lacking in the bundled stuff that comes with the MBP. I use a spreadsheet - not extensively but I do use the financial formulas etc. These a

IPad Air 2 : Issue with re-installing iWork Apps

Hello All, During my recent vacation, I bought an iPad Air 2 (64 GB). Since this was my first iOS device, I used my wife's Apple ID to quickly setup and use. On reaching home, I created an Apple ID and made relevant changes on my iPad to reflect my I

Is there an issue with iCloud syncing on iWork apps?

I thought everything was ok with iCloud syncing but I seem to now have issues. I created a spreadsheet under Pages on my iPad (3rd Gen) and, after pressing the 'spreadsheet' button to show thumbnails of all docs being worked on, I'm seeing a small ar

IWork DVD isolated issues?

Hey everyone. I got the iWork '09 Family Pack for Christmas and am having some pretty localised issues with it. When I put the DVD in my Macbook Pro which is just over a year old, a loud whirring is audible. It sounds as if part of the DVD is hitting

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For some reason everytime I log into iCloud then into iWork all it displayes is 2 options. "Learn More" or "Get Numbers". The issue is that I already purchased and downloaded Numbers and Pages. How do I get past this point and allow my

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I'm currently configured for a WPA personal wireless internet connection through a LinkSys wireless router. I've had no problems with this connection at all and have never had issues with my Airport card to date. I recently installed iWork '08 (famil

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Last night when prompted by software updater, I installed the new iWork updates. This morning I have come to use Pages (As I do everyday) and it refuses to open due to 'A Problem' Having checked the rest of the suite, none of iWorks now work after th

IPad iWork issues

Why does my iPad iWork apps not recognize some of the clip art I created in pages/ keynote on my Mac?That is so odd, you too? I managed to do it the first time I tried, I simply went into GoodReader, synced with my iDisk (I suppose that part is not e