Is it possible to configure non-default NX7K CoS-DSCP map?

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NX7K QoS has system defined table maps for CoS to DSCP mapping, DSCP to CoS mapping, etc. Those table maps can be used in qos policy maps. I was wondering if I can change, for example, CoS to DSCP mapping to something different from the default values.
Somthing similar to Catalyst switch command "mls qos map cos-dscp 0 10 18 24 34 46 48 56", where you can define any CoS to DSCP values. I don't think this is possible in NX7K QoS, but just curious.
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Based on my research, we can use Group Policy and Internet Options to configure default mail client.
How to make Outlook the default mail client
How to configure the default e-mail client using Group Policy
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Is it possible to configure non-default NX7K CoS-DSCP map?

NX7K QoS has system defined table maps for CoS to DSCP mapping, DSCP to CoS mapping, etc. Those table maps can be used in qos policy maps. I was wondering if I can change, for example, CoS to DSCP mapping to something different from the default value

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