IPad photo stream no video?

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iPad photo stream no video
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For more information, take a look at:
iCloud: My Photo Stream FAQ
Which photo formats does My Photo Stream support?
My Photo Stream supports JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and most RAW photo formats. My Photo Stream does not work with video.
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IPad photo stream no video?

iPad photo stream no videoHello Yolanda388, Thank you for using Apple Support Communities. For more information, take a look at: iCloud: My Photo Stream FAQ http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4486 Which photo formats does My Photo Stream support? My Photo

Does My Photo Stream share video?

This article says My Photo Stream dors not work with video: My Photo Stream FAQ - Apple Support This photo is a screen shot from page 95 of the manual for iOS 8.1. I highlighted the part that says My Photo Stream uploads video. This seems conflicting

Ipad cant stream any video

Hi all, i have a problem with my ipad. i cant load any streaming video from youtube or dailymotion for example. loading icon is turning for minutes but no video can be played. any idea what's wrong with my ipad? For sure is not due to the internet sp

Bug in iPads Photo Stream?

Hi, I have a problem with my iPad 2's Photo Stream (the problem does not occur on my iPhone 4S):  when I open Photos and switch to Photo Stream most of the times it is empty.  If I open a foto app which can access pictures in Fotostream (e.g., Photog

Mt iPads photo stream is using space on my iPad

The photo stream is taking up about 400 MB on my iPad, however there are no photos on the iPad it's self or in the photo stream. I have tried turning off my iPad all the way and turning it back on, I have tried turning off photo stream in the iCloud

WRT610N and PS3 - Slow audio and photo streaming, while video is fine

Hi, I just hooked up my USB portable hard drive to this Linksys router and was able to access the picture/audio/video on my PS3, it's very cool  However I quickly noticed is has couple of problems: The access to JPG files is painfully slow, on averag

I can't find any photos on iPad photo stream, I can't find any photos on iPad photo stream

I can't find photos on iPad photostreamTo use Photo Stream, you need to sign up for iCloud with an Apple ID. Have you done that?Read other 9 answers

IPad photo stream

iPad mini photo stream stopped updating windows vista pc using ios 8.1.2 on iPad. Has been working ok until recently Any clues ?Hey there gaberlunziehouse, I see that you are experiencing an issue with your Photo Stream not pushing pictures to your W

HT4847 If I back up my ipad photo stream to the iCloud, can I clear all the photos from my device storage? How.

If I back up my photo stream to the Icloud, can I delete the photos from my device? How?No.  iCloud doesn't back up photo stream photos; it streams them to your other devices.  If you delete a photo stream photo from your phone it will be deleted fro

I'm no longer able to copy photos from email to my iPad photo stream.  The Save menu doesn't come up like it did before.  When I press on the image, I only get the option to Copy, and I can't paste it into my photo stream.

II'm no longer able to copy photos from email to iPa stream.  The Save menu does not come up Shen I press on the image like it did before.Hi beerexpert, I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your iPad. If you are having unusual menu or option

New iPad photo stream issue

I'm trying to help out a friend here.  She just got an iPad Air and she's trying to get all the photos in her photostream to show on her new pad just like they do on her old pad.  She has photostream turned on on both iPads, and I think all of the ot

TS3991 if i reset my i pad will it save my camera roll,my photo stream, my videos

if i reset my ipad will it save my camera roll, videoa,photo streamNo, it will only reset what it says it will reset. Resetting settings will remove all the customised settings you have made anywhere on the device. Resetting network settings will res

If my ipad photo stream photo have reach 1000 photo my ipad will automatic delete the picture right? Then how about the picture inside my computer? It will also deleted?

Hlp fix plsWell there you go, when you advertise it just be sure to say that you can't even see the scratches at half brightness and see how it goes. Of course you are saying you want $500 for one with many scratches on the screen, has been dropped,

Iphone 4 pictures moved to ipad via icloud Cannot delete picture in Photo Stream on Ipad

I have an iphone 4 which connects to icloud,  I take pictures with the iphone,  the icloud syncs the picture to my ipad in the Photo Stream tab on the ipad.  I cannot delete picutres on the ipad photo stream tab. or my iphone (using photos) I don't k

Not all the photos from my iPad are uploaded to My Photo Stream.

Does Photo Stream have some algorithm to recognize similar photos and upload only one of them? I have like 700 photos in my iPad Photo Stream. But only half of them are uploaded to My Photo Stream folder on my PC. Why? I noticed that similar photos a

Import video from photo stream to iPhoto library

Hello, I'm trying to import a video from a friend's photo stream ( which I've subscribed to ) into iPhoto on my MacBook Pro.   The video doesn't show up in iPhoto shared , but the photo stream does as well as photos in the stream.   I've checked othe

TS4006 Can't get photo stream to work on my iPad 2

I can't get my iPad photo stream to workWelcome to the Apple community. Are you sure it is enabled properly in settings > iCloud. Is photo stream working on other devices. Have you tried disabling it and then enabling it again.Read other 2 answers

HT204022 I tried to delete phtos from my ipad by opening phto app and tapping photo stream.  Tehn I tapped a photo and tapped again, but there was no delete photo button.  How do I delete a bad photo from my photostream?

How do I delete single photos that I don't want on my ipad?  I went to the Apple website and followed the directions.  I tried to delete a photo from my ipad photo stream by opening the photo app and tapping onphotostream.  Then I tapped a bad photo,

HT201302 How do you copy photos on the iPad back to a PC in photo stream?

I would like to copy my photos from my iPad photo stream to my PC computer but haven't figured out how to do that.  Can anyone give me the answer? Also I have my iPad and iPhone 4 set up to the cloud but when I open itunes neither one of my devices i

Photo stream from iphone to ipad

My phone got stolen now im trying to see my photos on my ipad, they both have the same user name.  But u cant see them, on my ipad photo stream it show only 37 pics but i do have over 1000.. Any help ??You're welcome.  Restoring your backup to his ph