Integrity of my music in itunes playback stutters & skips and has in all previous versions

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curently running itunes on desktop. But in all previous versions I had the same problem, in about half of my library of music at the beginning of songs it stutters and skips, is as best I can explain what it is. but when I play the same songs in another player such as winamp I don't get this problem, I just tried to record the situation ( problem) and upload it to youtube and post the link here, but it's not doing it at the moment. weird.. well when it does i'm going to record it and post a link to it on youtube so that'll be the best way for readers of this thread to hear what I mean, but maybe Apple already knows theirs an issue with that.
Are all your songs etc. still in the usual folder(s) on your computer? Try holding down the Shift key in Windows when opening iTunes. In the resulting dialogue you will get the option to create a new library or navigate to an existing one. The default location for your iTunes library is in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\ (or C:\Username\Music\iTunes\ in Vista). Look in there and see if you have more than one library file (they have the extension .itl) If you have more than one try opening them in turn, you may find your original library is still intact: How to open an alternate iTunes Library file
Integrity of my music in itunes playback stutters & skips and has in all previous versions

curently running itunes on desktop. But in all previous versions I had the same problem, in about half of my library of music at the beginning of songs it stutters and skips, is as best I can explain what it is. but when I play the same song

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I have the latest version of iTunes (7.6.1) and when I playback music from the hard drive or web radio it randomly stutters/skips every so often. The music on my iPod and iPhone plays just fine. Any thoughts on why this might be?This is a widespread

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Do NOT like iTunes 11.  How do I get the previous version?You can find the latest Firefox 3.6.x release in all languages and for all Operating Systems here: * other 2 answers

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I don't like the new itunes.  It's not as user friendly as the previous versions.  How do I go back to a previous version?That sounds like the difference between the new Firefox home page '''about:home''' and the previous Google Search page which has

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Having issues with playback on my mac since installing 10.1. It seems to glitch a track randomly and skips a second of song or something. 7% of my CPU is in use and ive got nearly 4gig of ram free. itunes library is about 32 gig bit its never been an

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iTunes 6.04 worked fine on my computer but when I installed 6.05 iTunes would start stuttering after about 50 seconds or so. I uninstalled and reinstalled 6.04 and it worked fine again. I tried installing iTunes 7.0 and then followed the instructions

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I am having a problem w/ my Itunes working correctly, after accidentally running Itunes through my  troubleshooter  to, Run Programs Made For PreviousVersions of Windows. It keeps popping up that the Compatibility  Version is on, to make sure it's of

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Cannot get itunes 7 to installAnswer previously given by jayg1963. Go to control panel, add or remove programs or programs and features (later). Remove all in this order:  itunes apple software update apple mobile device support bonjour apple applica

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why were all these features axed? you can no longer see any published dates, see large lists of possible songs when searching for that hard to find song, not being able to drag store track to itunes folder for later purchase (new wish list BLOWS), yo

All my Itunes songs are skipping! Again.

I have a brand new HP stream so everything is new, the ITunes version is up to date. I have plenty of storage and ram.  All my billing is in order.  I just want to know what to do because this started right after I got the new U2 album which I am so

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I have a brand new mac pro 3.2ghz quad, with 8gb ram (bought a couple weeks ago). All seems fine with the exception of brief skips, glitches and stutters with audio playback in itunes. I tried updating to itunes 11 and this did not resolve the proble

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Itunes is stuttering -starts and stops at random intervals

Hi there- I have a 5yr old emac. I am running OSX 10.4.8 and itunes 7.02. I have not had any problems for 5 years, Today my itunes started stuttering - it starts and stops at random intervals and it takes forever to start playing again, to shuffle so

Itunes playback performance issue

All my iTunes library files are kept on the Airport extreme and so every time I play a movie, it skips, stutters, loses sound here and there, it's getting quite annoying. I noticed that if a movie is projected to the big screen using apple TV, it wil

Lag in iTunes Playback via ATV

I recently noticed a serious lag in my iTunes playback over my ATV.  I can see the library and the playlists, but when I select music, I get the spinning wheel for various lengths of time until it finally loads.  Playback may or may not be consistent