Installing http server on windows 7

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Can anyone find a link for me, thanks, Doug
Are you installing webtier? If so I wrote about it installing on 2008r2 which probably looks a lot like win7. If this is 64 bit win7 then
I think you need to be mindful of the bitness of java. If you install all 32 bit stuff or all 64 bit stuff then maybe you're ok but I'm not
sure you can run one thing that installed 64 bit java and another thing that installed 32 bit java. Something to think about...
Re: documentation error regarding loc of ohs 11 dads.conf solved
enabling ssl:
how to enable ssl in ohs
Not able to install SQL server on windows 7 - Installation halts during pre-installation.

Hi Team, Am not able to install SQL Server on my windows. i have checked several links and sites. But nothing helped. Following is captured in the boot strap logs. 2014-09-19 12:31:48 Slp: Running Action: StartSqmSession 2014-09-19 12:31:48 Slp: Sco:

Installing SQL Server on Windows 8.1 Enterprise

I have tried to install SQL Sever 2012 Developer Edition five times on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I get this error: Could not find the Database Engine startup handle What could be causing this problem?  (Update: I just seen I have been trying to install

How to install sql server on Windows 8

Hello Everyoene, I want to install Sql server express or any free edition of sql server in Windows 8. Can some one suggext how to do this? Regards Gautam Gautam SHello, The following article, although created for Windows Server 2008 R2, it still prov

Installing oracle server on windows xp !!!!!

Is it possible to install oracle application server 10g AND oracle developer suite 10g on my home PC under Windows XP .... If yes, How to do it for Apllication server 10g ... PLs steps Thanks alotThanks for you... But i have 1 GB ram my pc p4-1700 ??

Installing Forms Server on Windows 2000

We installed Forms Server 6i on Windows 2000. We completed the installation successfully. When we clicked on the 'Run the Form on the Web.', it gives 'This page cannot be displayed.' error. We tried this twice, but getting same error. Any suggestions

SOS I am in trouble Installing Forms Server on Windows 2000 Server

I need advice on installation of Forms Server on Windows 2000 Server. Is Forms Server only meant for Windows NT. Since Windows 2000 Server is an extention of Windows NT there could be a way out which I am not aware of. On installation of Forms Server

Cant install sql server on windows 7 home premium 64bit

during installation assitant tell me registrarion key is invalid and cancel the installation, i have try like 4 diferent versions os sql server and all the same! any sugetion!!Hi Orlando17R, Are you getting the following error message when installing

Installing Messaging Server on Windows XP

Folks, I'm trying very hard to install the Messaging Server on my laptop running XP. Actually, I'm interested in evaluating the Calendar Server, but it seems I need the SJSMS as well if I want to be able to programmatically subscribe to notification

Re-install directory server on windows

Hello all, Yesterday I downloaded and tried to install the directory server on my laptop (to try to duplicate our production system for local development). However, during the installation process, I entered a wrong value for my hostname and the slap

Can we install SAP server on Windows 7 Home edition

Dear All, I have a new laptop that has windows 7 home edition. Can we install SQL2008, SAP server, SAP client on that laptop? I didn't see it from SAP portal. I guess the answer might be no. But just want to see if there is any lucky answer. Thanks i

Installing new server - moving windows machines

I have purchased a new Intel Xserve which is going to replace our current production G5 system. Our current machine is running DNS, OD and is a PDC. I will be building the new machine from new and will transfer all the data from the current to the ne

Installing http server on windows 7

Can anyone find a link for me, thanks, DougAre you installing webtier? If so I wrote about it installing on 2008r2 which probably looks a lot like win7. If this is 64 bit win7 then I think you need to be mindful of the bitness of java. If you install

Error While Installing SQL SERVER 2012 on Windows Serrver 2012 R2

I encounter the following errors while installing SQL SERVER on Windows SERVER 2012 R2, can anybody help me out? dotdazzleIf you are using any system account then password is not needed. From the screenshot I see NT Authority\....  so you don't need

Need a guideline to install the appropriate version of SQL Server on Windows 8

Hi Everybody, I just started to learn database programming with C#, but i am facing problems over problems. Actually I'm running Windows 8 Pro, x64 Architecture. I tried installing SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server Management Studio Express, it

Unable to Start CE 7.1 Server on Windows 7 / Vista OS

Dear All, I am trying to install CE 7.1 Server (Java Stack) on my personal laptop ( Windows 7 Home Basic, Intell Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM). In the 1st attempt ,the installation failed on Windows 7 OS due to incompatible OS errors. So, I installed V

How to install DAC server (for OBIA v7963) on linux ?

Guys - I am in the mid of installing OBIA v7963 on linux x64 . And right now I am doing the DAC server installation part . The installation guide clearly says that we have to

How to Setup Windows TFTP Server in Windows 2008 R2

Hi, Can anyone please let me know, how to install TFTP Server in Windows 2008 R2. I installed Windows Deployment Service to get TFTP (got this info in some forum), but I did not see TFTP Service in the Service Manager. I am a newbie so plz let me kno

Application Server on Windows for Production Database on iSeries

Hi, We have installed Application server on Windows AMD64 for our Production server on iSeries running ECC5.0. When the application server is started it blocks all the users from logging in. SQL 913 errors are encountered. Though, the CPU usage rate

Oracle Server in Windows-ECC5.0 in AIX

Hello, We have a ECC 5.0 Evaluation Version kit from SAP . The Software Pack contains Oracle server ( 10 g ) for windows and Client Oracle for AIX and ECC is for AIX. Shall I install Oracle server in Windows and Client in AIX ( Where SAP is residing

Can I install Oracle 8.1.5 on Windows 2000 server or Windows 2000 professional

Hi, Can I install Oracle 8.1.5 on a Windows 2000 server or Windows 2000 professional server? Regards, ZurvaanYes, of course. Both versions works but you have to be prepared for lots of RAM.Read other 2 answers