Inner classes generated by xmlbeans

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I was given a library to use that most of it was created with the apache xmlbeans framework. The following code works within the eclipse java ide but JDeveloper does not find the inner factory class of the QueryEnterpriseAckDocument class. How does JDeveloper handle working with inner classes. This may be an issue that requires going back to eclipse as the ide.
     QueryEnterpriseAckDocument ackDoc = QueryEnterpriseAckDocument.Factory.newInstance();
     QueryEnterpriseAckDocument.QueryEnterpriseAck ack = ackDoc.addNewQueryEnterpriseAck();
Jeremy Wilson
Is there some kind of meta-specification for JSR 269 that explains the design goals? Not really, only what is here
With such a document, it might also be easier to figure out how processors are supposed to work.JSR 269 is designed to permit solutions to various complex scenarios rather than provide solutions. Those scenarios and their intended solution are not often obvious from the API specs.
You might like to take a look at where I have a project to supply some tooling to assist annotation processor authors, and a wiki to document things. Allocating time to this is not easy, but the 3 packages in the API there are pretty robust. The test cases in source code for those have plenty of examples of some of the more complex design goals, such as the ability to write an annotation processor which works correctly in an incremental compile scenario, when the generated file derives from more than one source file, not all of which may be included in an incremental compile.
Other than that, if you have any particular questions, just ask in this forum, and Joe (JSR 269 spec lead) or myself should be able to answer them for you.
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Inner classes generated by xmlbeans

I was given a library to use that most of it was created with the apache xmlbeans framework. The following code works within the eclipse java ide but JDeveloper does not find the inner factory class of the QueryEnterpriseAckDocument class. How does J

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