Inconsistent playback stuttering/dropped frames

November 30 0
I just switched from a mid 2010 Mac Pro to a new 27" IMac 5K retina display.  I'm working on a one hour program which was started on my MacPro.  It died so I moved the project to my MacBook Pro and then to the IMAC.  Footage is a mix of DVCPRO HD 1080/30i; GoPro 1080/30 & 60P; HDV; Canon 1080/30p; old & new stills, some old & small, some large & new shot with the Canons.  Timeline is 1080/30i.
When playing back from the timeline I'm getting inconsistent stuttering in some shots.  Inconsistent because a specific clip may play back smoothly once, then the next time I play it there is obvious stuttering.  Play again and the problem will show up in a different place in the clip and it may be worse or better.  could start 3 seconds into the clip, might be 5 or 7.  I first noticed this when editing on my Laptop, which is a 15" retina model with full Ram and the fastest I7 processor new last year, which is not all that unusual. 
When I moved to the IMac I did a transfer from the MacPro time machine, with the understanding it might not be the best way to start up aa new machine.  After all the issues I reformatted the IMAC and started from scratch.  Exact same results.
I rolled back from 2014, 8.2 to CC 7 and the playback smoothed out in some test shots I brought into a new project.  I also tried exporting a few minutes of the most troubled parts of the timeline to an H264 file and it played back smoothly, so apparently the file isn't corrupt just tthe playback.  Fortunately I'm not editing with the client, so that element is mute, but I do from time to time have clients here and this sort of  playback isn't real terrific for showing off the work.
I've spent a couple days & several hours on the phone with tech support with no solution in the problem.
I also tried the offending shots in FCP7 and they play back consistently smooth.  The older DVCPROHD and HDV clips were captured in FCP7, so I recaptured them in Premier Pro, thinking that for whatever reason that may have been the issue, but the results are identical.
I'm at the end of what few "wits" I have left and would be most appreciative for any suggestions on a solution.  Also when I reinstalled Premier and my plugins they are not showing up in PP.  When I look in the library only 7.0 is there with of course my plugins.  how do I get 8.2 to be present.  just add a new folder and drag the plugins from 7 to 8?  Plugins are only the Creative Impatience feathered crop.  Boris Continuum 9 Image restoration and Sonicfire Pro.
Thx...Jim Watt
IMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)
Processor:  4 GHz Intel Core i7 
Memory:  32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Startup Disk:  Mac HD/3 TB Fusion
Graphics:  AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096 MB
Video Drive: 6TB Raid “0” in OWC Raid Housing
Write Speed:  328 MB/s
           Read 333.7 MB/s 
Premier Pro CC 8.2
2 additional HDMI Monitors
Determined this was a hardware problem since stuttering also happened in Quicktime.  Returned IMac to Apple for an exchange which should arrive next week.  Hopefully no more choppy playback.  Exports incidentally played fine.
Inconsistent playback stuttering/dropped frames

I just switched from a mid 2010 Mac Pro to a new 27" IMac 5K retina display.  I'm working on a one hour program which was started on my MacPro.  It died so I moved the project to my MacBook Pro and then to the IMAC.  Footage is a mix of DVCPRO HD 108

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