I want to implement KVM in the web...

October 11 0
I want to implement KVM in the web. It is just like an applet running in the web.
Can anyone give some advice? Thanks.
Hm....what's the problem?
Will it be something like launcher or emulator?
Just write something like stub class that will realize midlet's lifecycle first of all. then you should write code that deals with graphic interface and events (it should pass events to midlet's methods).
I have exprience of encapsulating applets into application. So what i've done is:
1.writing class, implemented AppletStub and AppletContext
2.creating new instance of desired applet and setting its stub and context
3.adding applet to panel
4.calling init() and start() methods of that applet
.....thats in few words without lots of small things.
So, you should do something like this taking in consideration that you should write own GUI classes that will emulate midlet's GUI.
If any detailed questions write to [email protected] or continue this thread.
I want to implement KVM in the web...

I want to implement KVM in the web. It is just like an applet running in the web. Can anyone give some advice? Thanks. AhJinHm....what's the problem? Will it be something like launcher or emulator? Just write something like stub class that will reali

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