HP PSC 2510 duplex printing problem

October 11 0
I have just installed a new Archlinux computer and configured my HP PSC 2510. However I can't print in duplex mode.
I have installed cups and hplip and configured with the correct driver the printer (the one proposed by cups ...2510...)
I have entered the config correctly, checking duplex installed option in options, and fixed A4 autoduplex as default paper and long edge for duplex mode.
When I open an openoffice document, and I want to print it, if I check the properties, everything is ok except duplex option that is fixed on 'Off'.
I then edit it and fix 'long edge'. I accept and recheck if option is fixed right, but 'off' is shown again!
Even if I try to print, duplex is not used anyway.
I have googled the problem and haven't found nothing so far.
Has someone any idea how to solve the problem?
William T. Lowther (624wtl) wrote:[..] After selecting file/print/properties, in the new window the option for "Duplex" shows "Off". If I change that to "Long-Edge", then "OK", and then select "Properties" again, "Duplex" shows "Off" again. However, if I change "Off" to "<ignore>", then "OK", and then select "Properties" again, now "Duplex" shows "Long Edge" and the printer prints on both sides!
 Does this workaround work for you?
HP PSC 2510 duplex printing problem

Hi, I have just installed a new Archlinux computer and configured my HP PSC 2510. However I can't print in duplex mode. I have installed cups and hplip and configured with the correct driver the printer (the one proposed by cups ...2510...) I have en

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