HP Laserjet 1320 and OS 10.4.4

October 11 0
Ok, my print queue keeps stopping the job.
I have downloaded the latest drivers, reset the print system, rebooted, restarted the printer, tried a different USB cable, even tried a different 1320 all to no avail.
HELP! I'm about to pull my hair out.
This page may be of help, particularly the part about removing the file: HD/System/Library/Extensions/hpLaserJet_1320series.kext.
You may not have to do the other things this page suggests; removing the kext may be sufficient.
Hope this helps.
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hi i had the same problems like some of you with the hp laserjet 1320 n while using this printer in a network. here is a solution that may work: connect the printer directly (not via router) to the computer, reset the network settings ofthe printer (

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I am having a strange printing problem. Happens in almost any program (Mail / Excel /Preview/Word/TextEdit/etc.).   I can ask it to print a one page document.  It spools, the printer flashes.  The computer said it is done but nothing printed.   On th

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I upgraded to firmware 7.5.2, and now my HP LaserJet 1320 doesn't work. I reverted to 7.4.6, and it still doesn't work. Apple fix your firmware !Hi smurfie407, Welcome to Apple Support Communities. Try running through the troubleshooting tips in the

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I'm trying to hook up an HP LaserJet 1320 through an old DP-311wireless print server. I can access the servier through IE when go to the servers IP address through Parallels, but if I go to the same address through Safari on the Mac side, I get a bla

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I should start by saying that I'm quite frustrated, so please forgive that. I have tried everything. I've been a Mac user since the OS9 days and while I don't claim to be an expert, I know a thing or two about a thing or two. *I have never had such a

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I'm working on a 2005 iMac with 10.8.5. After the latest update my HP LaserJet 1320 will only print one page then I have to shut down the printer and the computer and start all over again. The HP site is useless. Since the printer driver came from my

Wireless printing from 10.4.6. to HP Laserjet 1320

I am having trouble getting my Powerbook G4 to print wirelessly to an HP Laserjet 1320. The problem -- that the print moniter reverts to "Jobs Stopped" and will not proceed even when started -- is one I've encountered before with other printers,