How to roll up data in bi accelerator

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can any body give me the steps to roll up data in bi accelerator.
        Aggregates are nothing but a collection of most used data. You can have a cube with 10 characteristics and KFs and have 5 aggregates on it that has most used data sets so that system can read them easily while running a report.
Updating the aggregates is called Rolling up of aggreagtes.
Refer to the link below.
[BW agrgegates|]
How to roll up data in bi accelerator

Hi, can any body give me the steps to roll up data in bi accelerator. Thanks AsimHi,         Aggregates are nothing but a collection of most used data. You can have a cube with 10 characteristics and KFs and have 5 aggregates on it that has most used

Using exeception - to filter rolled up data

Hello Experts: I have the following data Orig Doc Number / Ref Doc No / Doc Line Itm / Amount 1 / Amount 2 / Amount 3 12345                  /             #      /               1   /      500     /        0        /          500 12345               

Is there any way to organize photos in camera roll by date?!

IS there anyway to organize all of your photos in your camera roll by date? ... I have a iPhone 4 and I recently had to reset it...when I backed it up on my windows 7 pc I retrieved all of my photos but there weren't in the right order as they were b

Ever-Changing BT Infinity Roll-Out Dates

Living in Central Reading, we were pleased to see that BT Infinity was planned to be rolled-out to our area on 31st December 2010.  That was before Christmas and then the date changed to 31st March 2011. I emailed BT and a helpful chap explained that

BT Infinity Roll Out Dates - Keep Slipping - Why O...

I have been waiting for the roll out for 4 months now. When I checked the availability in May the telephone number checking program  said it would be available on June 30th. Then a few days before this date it slipped to September 30th. Now a few day

Data Domain - Replication Acceleration vs Application Acceleration? I recently read an article by Cisco detailing the WAAS appliances capability to add addional deduplicaion to Data Domain replication traffic being forwarded across the WAN.  After readi

Rolls x Dates

Hello there, First time posting here. My iPhoto 5.0 library used to be organized by Date, which I particularly liked. I had some issues with my PB and had to take it to the Apple Store, where I had iLife 06 installed. After that, the Library is organ

Photos saved as rolls not date

Hi, with iPhoto 5, when I down loaded pictures from my camera they were saved by date. With iPhoto 6, they are now saved as roll 1, roll 2 etc. Is there anyway I can change the settings to download by date again? iMac 4.1   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  bucky21

Rolling up data into a single report, CRMOD just cannot do it?

So far as I've learnt, CRMOD is unable to do reports such as this and I'm hoping someone will correct me as I find it to be quite a crippling deficiency in terms of flexibility in delivery reports that clients want. Take this example of an ERD: http:

Rolling the date on in a specific format

Hello, I want to output the date in the following format yyyymmdd I then want to add a certain number of days to the above date Can anyone advise the best way to do this Cheers MitchThe formatting of a Date is done with a DateFormat. The date arithme

BT Infinity - local Roll Out dates being rolled ba...

For most of 2011, our exchange (01684) was scheduled to be upgraded to Infinity by 31 Dec 2011, according to the checker on BT's own website. On 21 December 2011 I noted that that date had changed to 31 March 2012, even though today the BT page "See

Roll back data load

Hi All, I am using essbase 7.1.5. Is there any way to rollback the database in case if it finds any error. For example if source file (Flat file) contains 1000 records where at 501 record essbase found an error and has rejected that record (501) and

Updated: Roll out date changes for London

FYI Londoners. A newly updated roll out map for London has been published today on the main BT Infinity Website. Happy/Sad?? Comments...Beulah Hill has moved from March 31st and June 30th to now September 30th on the map. The phone line checker state

CQWP rolls up data from subsites intermittently

I've successfully put together a CQWP for our project risks using this recipe Instead of un-ghosting the system XSL files as the article sugge

Rolling Sum by dynamic range of data

Hello guys I have a report that looks like this: Year       Month           Local Cost 2005        1                   100 2005        2                   10 2005        3                   200 2005        4                   5 2005        5         

Add-On expiry; 30 days or next billing day (rolling 1-month data only contract).

I'm on a rolling monthly data-only sim/contract. I was running low on my data allowance for this month, so I've added a 10Gb add-on. At each point during the buying process it stated this add-on would expire at my next billing date (about 5 days time

Bad dates after downloading a single roll with old pictures.

Using iPhoto 6.0.5 I downloaded a roll from a camera that I rarely use, with dates starting in 2005 and ending recently. Download went OK but all subsequent rolls (2) have bad "original date" bad "digitized date" and bad "modified

Get date of first day of current week

HI! Why does the following method do not return the date of the first day of the week in which the given date lies? public static int getFirstDayOfWeek(int year, int month, int date) {  GregorianCalendar GregCalendar = (GregorianCalendar) new Gregori

IPhoto 6 - Date Display Bug?

I've gone ahead and upgraded to iPhoto 6. Upon first launch, it asked to update the files which I did. The new file hierarchy issues aside (Original/Year/Roll drives me nuts), I've noticed that while the calendar shows the correct pictures of the day

Data laods taking more time to complete

Hi, we have some sale stats cubes which are laoding daily on avg Million records. We are creating indexes after that then creating aggregates. Both of these process are taking 2-3 hrs each.. even though we have 0 records in weekends its taking same t