How to find which SDE/SIL to Customize ?

November 30 0
I need to do a Type 1 Customization of adding a extra column from the Source System to Target DW Table in OBIA.
I am able to work out everything once i know which SDE/SIL Specifically to customize, however how to find out this one ?
I went through the OBIA Data Lineage Sheet which gives me multiple SDE/SILfor the same Target Table. Also i am able to see this from DAC that Multiple Tasks are listed for the same Table in most of the scenarios.
My question is how do we find out that one SDE/SIL only required for doing the Customization ? Or is my Understanding wrong here ?
Appreciate if someone can give me steps to identify the SDE/SIL required for doing customizations ?
When you have a case where multiple SDE or SILS are populating the same table, you need to understand the purpose of each one. Unfortunately, the Lineage doc wont be very helpful. However, looking at the mappings will help. For example, you may see that 3 task populate the same table for Workforce Events, but one is for Employee Job Events (Promotion, Transfer, etc), another is for Employee Age change, another for Performance. There is always a reason they are separated. Sometimes you can read the details in the mapping comments or in specifici transformations. If this helps, please mark the response.
How to find which SDE/SIL to Customize ?

I need to do a Type 1 Customization of adding a extra column from the Source System to Target DW Table in OBIA. I am able to work out everything once i know which SDE/SIL Specifically to customize, however how to find out this one ? I went through th

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