How to check for features in 11.1

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I am trying to find if features are avalble in my PLSQL code so I can avoid ORA-00439: feature not enabled errors. Any idea how to do this?
Chris wrote:
Thanks for the reply! I can run this as a SQL statement no problem. I try and put it in my package and it fails to compile telling me that DBA_REGISTRY can not be found.
SQL> select object_type, owner from dba_objects where object_name = 'DBA_REGISTRY';
VIEW              SYS
SYNONYM          PUBLICPRIVILEGES acquired via ROLE do NOT apply within name PL/SQL procedures.
explicit GRANT SELECT ON DBA_REGISTRY TO <your_user> is required
"Check In" Feature in Apps

Hi there...I am wondering if anyone else is having issues using the "Check In" feature while on the 3G with apps such as Facebook or Four Square? It works fine for me if I am connected to a wi-fi network but once I am out and about using the 3G

Ovi Maps, Check-in feature not working on N8...

Right my problem is, I cannot use check-in feature on my N8,  I keep getting the following error message come up.. [There are currently network problems, please try again later] Has anyone got a fix for this? many thanksHi, Are you using the internet

Mac to PC check out feature not syncing up!

At my office we are trying to institute the check-in/check-out feature in Dreamweaver. PC users are seeing my (Mac) checked out files but I can't see their (PC) checked out files, nor can I unlock files on my Mac. If I open a file, change it and try

Maps link on check-in feature to social network

I like check-in feature on Nokia Maps because very accurate on connect to any social network. But in Facebook, the map link still go to **bleep** Nokia maps app on Facebook. Please change the maps link to official Nokia Maps website. [email protected]

Any Implications/down-side of having "Enable get latest on check-out" feature as a Global Settings

Hi, It seems to me that enabling the get latest on check-out feature would be beneficial to avoid any version conflict. However, I'm not sure if there's any down-side if we are going to push through on it. Any thoughts on this? Many thanks.Hi John, T

Turning off Check In/Check Out Feature

Hello All, I am taking over a website that had the feature of Check In/Check Out turned on. I turned off this feature since there is only one website developer. My understanding of this feature is that it is useful when you have more than one website

Ovi Map, Check in feature.

I´m just wondering if its my phone, my ovi maps or what. The apps Check in, in Ovi Maps does only show up ones and a while. Its so cool apps, that I would love to use it more. Regards.Which version of Ovi Maps are you using and on which phone ? If it

Cannot use the "check out" feature on some sites, have to use IE as my browser in order to check out.

I went through the process of spec-ing the product, and got to the check-out page. None of the amounts would be listed. No quantity, no prices. I had to use Internet Explorer as my browser to complete my order.Hello pmk1940, try to '''clear cookies a

How to check for features in 11.1

I am trying to find if features are avalble in my PLSQL code so I can avoid ORA-00439: feature not enabled errors. Any idea how to do this?Chris wrote: Thanks for the reply! I can run this as a SQL statement no problem. I try and put it in my package

How to stop the web site redirection at its background mode? I have already checked the feature but it still went youtube in google search?

It is always found my webpage have been redirected to other web pages at its browser background (until I need to check the cookies so that I can be able to know where it have been redirected to at its background (hidden) after browsing websites). For

I can't get the "checked/unchecked" feature to work on my ipod touch

I have some songs that I'd rather not include in my normal shuffle. I have them unchecked in iTunes, but they still play in shuffle on my iPod touch. Any help?Checking or not checking a song has very little to do with it's behaviour on your touch. Yo

Check in feature disappeared from my Nokia Maps

Hi I used to be able to see the check in icon in Nokia Maps for Express Music 5800. Now that icon has disappeared. How do I get it [email protected] In Ovi Maps v3.06_11wk23_b05 as in this screenshot "Weather" & " Map Reporter" are th

Check box features.

Hi, all, I am new to acrobat forms, so this will probably seem fairly rudimentry to most.  I have a form with checkbox choices. Two main checkboxes.  One main checkbox will automatically check all of the subset checkboxes and the second main check bo

The new 5.0.1 version does not open new pages in new tabs when the feature is checked in options\tabs. How do I fix it?

When I check the feature in Tools\Options\Tab "Open new windows in a new tab instead" it does not do so. New windows are launched in the existing tab.If images are missing then check that you aren't blocking images from some domains. See: * http

System error message while using maps check in

today i got a lot of system error messages while using maps check in feature, and i tried everything from factory default to reinstalling mobile software and formating everything and yet nothing changed idk what to do and i use   the maps application

External Hard Drives and Check Disk

I have an external NTFS hard drive that for some reason when I go to do an Error-Check with Window's Check Disk feature it says it can't check the disk while it is in use and I then proceed to schedule a scan at start up. This is an External USB devi

Need to generate check writing output in plain text format in 12.1.3.

In a plain text file output can be created which is then used with a third-party software from Secure32 to create AP checks. Now in 12.1.3 I cannot get this same plain text output for check writing. The XML output contains flags which canno

SharePoint group containing AD security group - Check Permissions does not show correct information

I'm seeing a problem with SharePoint 2013 groups that contain Active Directory security groups. When using the Check Permissions feature to see what permissions a specific user has, it does not reflect the correct permissions for a user inside of the

How to enable multiple check-out and check-in for offline editing (sharepoint 2010)

I have  a SharePoint site where I am using check-in check out feature for one of 'Project' document library. By default SharePoint supports single document to be checkout for offline editing (when i click on checkout, SP ask for 'Use local draft opti

Multi user catalog and how to make it - use a checked out system

Lots of people want or need a Multi user ability in lightroom here is one way to achieve multi-user catalogs by using a check-in check-out system. The Catalog would open normally upon a second user opening LR would then ask to switch to multi-user mo