How set up alert Monitor with available to promise profile?!

November 30 0
I read a lot of notes about alert profile but I ´ve been in doubt.
I set the monitor alert in /sapapo/amon1:
- Selected alert type
- Selected some products and my allocation
- Assigned alert profile - defined the bucket
Check instruction:
- Activated "ATP Alert Act."
I vent seen any place to assign my alert profile in /sapapo/bop. Is it possible or necessary?
When I redetermine the alerts for my profile in /sapapo/amon1 any alerts are showed.
I don´t want to use macros to create alert.
I created a scenary to see an alert:
My scenary
Availability: 100
Order confirmed: 100
I changed my orders to 50.
Availability: 50
Order confirmed: 100
Execute alert monitor
Result: No warning
I´m glad for your attention...
Best Regards!
Best Regards,
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Gurus, I read a lot of notes about alert profile but I ´ve been in doubt. I set the monitor alert in /sapapo/amon1: - Selected alert type - Selected some products and my allocation - Assigned alert profile - defined the bucket Check instruction: - Ac

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