How can I print  the figures (text) in a chart WITHOUT a cast shadow?

October 11 0
hi all,
in charts (line, column, etc.) i want display the figures (plott points) without cast shadows. Although the cast shadow option in the format bar isn´t aktiv, there is always a lighlty cast shadow when i´m printig the document and in my opinion it looks bad.
isn´s it possible to print the figures (text) of a column chart without a cast shadow? btw: the same effect in pages.
thx a lot
Hi rudiRocket,
Welcome to Numbers discussions.
Yes I see what you're talking about, never noticed it. To remove the shadow I tried numerous fonts but, still the shadow. Let's hope someone else has a better answer. Be aware folks on these Discussion boards are, as yourself end users not Apple employees.
In the mean time please read the below instructions:
Send feedback directly to the Numbers team for enhancement requests: at the top of your screen to the right of the blue Apple please click "Numbers" > "Provide Numbers Feedback". Explain in detailed what you've found. This makes your request known to the Numbers team directly; don't expect to hear back from them. I've sent many as well.
Let's hope the next version of iWork incorporates many of the requested enhancements.
Thank you in advance for doing that.
Again, welcome to Numbers Discussions, have fun here.