How can I change the value in a stepper cell

October 11 0
In Numbers 2.3 I was able to change the value in a stepper cell by highlighting the value and using the arrow keys to increase or decrease the value. This was a very easy way to input data. Numbers 3.0 when I do this is moves to another cell
Is there a way to get the use of the arrow keys to change the values in 3.0?
I use number to keep a running daily tally of the productivity of the members of my group. As each member performs certain tasks, all I had to do was click the up arrow and add to it. IE Jim made 4 widgets yesterday and then made 4 today, I would just hit the up 4 times total 8.
I guess the good news is when I upgraded to Numbers 3.0, It did not delete Numbers 2.3
I will continue to use 2.3 until it no longer works, I guess
Thanks for the replies
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