HELP - Interlaced video playback stuttering!!

October 11 0
Hi all,
I'm having problems with Quicktime playback of Interlaced video. For testing purposes, I'm playing back a PAL 20 second h.264 clip on a secondary display attached to my MacBookPro with the Apple DVI-S-Video adaptor (set to 720x576 interlaced PAL 50Hz).
When I play the clip, it stutters/flickers (almost like the fields are inverted?).. If I pause then play the movie repeatedly (i.e : stop/start with the spacebar) the problem seems to rectify itself for a few minutes and everything runs smoothly, then it happens again, until I pause/play again.
I'm on Leopard with the latest updates.. I desperately need to find a fix for this ASAP as I have a tradeshow install in a couple of days time.. Any help would me most appreciated.
I've never tried how well interlaced material transfers from the Mac directly to an interlaced TV...
But I do know that feeding interlaced .dv from iMovie (in passthrough-to-camcorder mode) via FW a a TV is fine. Or burn it to avideo-DVD via iDVD and use a standalone DVD player to present it.
Maybe H.264 sometimes loses its field sync? Could you use brute force and deinterlace it and live with the less smooth movements of progressive video?
HELP - Interlaced video playback stuttering!!

Hi all, I'm having problems with Quicktime playback of Interlaced video. For testing purposes, I'm playing back a PAL 20 second h.264 clip on a secondary display attached to my MacBookPro with the Apple DVI-S-Video adaptor (set to 720x576 interlaced

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