Have you taken your Zen Touch apart ye

October 11 0
I am starting to get bored waiting .....so I need something to do.
I am getting curious about what the Touch looks like inside.
Has anyone taken their Touch apart? Any tricks, tips, caveats?
I know it blows the warranty...but I don't really care.
I am curious as to what battery they are using etc.
Does anyone have internal pics?
Also, I put one index card over the touch area, then 2, 3 etc over the touch area and it
seems to "sense" or "read through" the index cards. Does anyone know how the touch pad works?
My goal was to try and make it less sensiti've. It seems to act like a stud finder.
I have been reading about people getting water etc in their touch and I put mine in a waterproof
see through container and the Touch read through the soft plastic just fine. I put a small fm transmitter in there with it and it worked fine....so ok to take on a boat, etc and xmit to the radio and if it falls in water...no problem. They sell these pouches at Cabelas.
Has anyone made a rat pack for the touch? There are not many after market accessories for the Touch like the Ipod. Has anyone found any "cross over" accessories?
I am getting restless....
SSR, thank you for your help in my other questions...
Do you know if there are any advantages/disadvantages to charging via USB? Just curious. Would it charge at a lower voltage? etc It would be easy to make... I just never have.
That is why I want to look at the battery. The charging circuit turns off automatically .( I think you pointed this out to me in another post.)
I have a little battery (flat) for my Pilot that either extends the life of the palm OR charges 2times. I was wanting to come up with something like that for the touch. I really hate to depend on a computer or power supply to charge. I need therapy in that area. Very seldom have I ever really been stranded without power.
I also have a 4AA solar micro charger that works nicely. It does take about 3-4 days to get a good charge on them however. This is about the time the time the Touch lasts if I use it heavily.
Did you forget your link? Or did it go missing? :
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