Hashtagging and how to find the Hash key

November 30 0
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to Hashtag on Twitter and I don't really want to have to keep on opening pages just to cut and paste the hash symbol, every time I do so. Is there a shortcut for Hash on the Macbook keyboard?
You could just add it to your favourites in special characters then have special characters open:
Edit > Special Characters > Roman > By Category > Punctuation > 4th Down on Left (Select) > Bottom Left of Characters Box click the Settings Cog > Add to Favourites.
Then when on Twitter, simply have Special Characters open, with the Favourites pane open, then double click the hash when you need to insert it.
Hashtagging and how to find the Hash key

Hi everyone, I'm trying to Hashtag on Twitter and I don't really want to have to keep on opening pages just to cut and paste the hash symbol, every time I do so. Is there a shortcut for Hash on the Macbook keyboard?You could just add it to your favou

Hash key - anyone?

Hi This may seem daft but I can't find a hash key anywhere on my Macbook - not even in special characters. As these are often used in passwords it would be useful to have it. Can anyone help please? AJOk, I'm guessing # is what you mean by hash key?

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Guys this is doing my head in. I am using a UK keyboard and a UK Macbook Pro 2008 (Late). I can't use a hash key at all using ALT + 3 or SHIFT + 3. It shows hash on they keyboard viewer but it never does output the icon on the screen At the minute my

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Hash key on UK mac pro keyboard?

I'm an avid twitter user in need of a hash key! I have a UK keyboard and need to keep my £ sign. Alt, control or shift +3 don't produce a hash sign for me. Any ideas please?Annoying isnt it?!? try Alt+3, should work well enough (FYI, I use it in Exce

No hash key to be seen

How do I find a hash key on a UK keyboard? - I am sure it is obvious to anyone otehr than me!I can't find a way to get "Spanish" to show up in my character palete. IN my International pref settings the list shows English and Spanish. And I have


I've had my MacBook Pro for 2 years and only just noticed the keyboard does NOT have a Hash key. I need it now for some programming work. Where is it? How do I invoke the hash character?Linton Woodman wrote: I've had my MacBook Pro for 2 years and on

Hash key on MacBook

Hi, When I'm developing web-pages, it is often useful to use the hash key. But I cannot find it on my MacBook keyboard layout. I am using the English keyboard. It is usually next to the apostrophe I find, but I cannot see it on the MacBook. Any thoug

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My Mac Mini was supplied with an Apple keyboard. It's about 450mm x 100mm, made from brushed aluminium with flat, white keys. Unfortunately, there's no hash key AFAICT. This is going to be a problem for me since I'm a C++ programmer and the hash key

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I have recently purchased a wireless keyboard, can someone tell me how to find the hash key?Press and hold the Alt key then 3. Interesting; on my US keyboard, Option + 3 produces this: £ whereas Shift + 3 produces this: #Read other 5 answers

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The Hash Key doesn't work

Hi, Whenever i press shift+3 key, instead of getting the hash symbol i get the pound symbol(£).. I dunno why... The key is working fine appears to be a software issue.. any suggestions ? using 10.6.4 now.You have US English selected as your language.

Wireless Keyboard Hash key issue.

Hi. I have a bit of a problem with my brand new (UK version) wireless keyboard: I can't type the "hash" symbol that ought to come up with alt-3 (option-3). When I pull up the keyboard viewer and hold down alt, the "3" does indeed chang

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The Pound and Hash keys are transposed on my (UK) iMac since upgrading to Mac OS X Lion.

After upgrading my (UK) iMac to 10.7 I find that the £ and # keys are transposed i.e. shift-3 gives # and alt-3 gives £ which, I assume, is the standard US layout. I also upgraded my MacBook but this transposition didn't occur. What's going on here?!

Where's the Hash Key Jerry ?

Hello Ok, I give up, where the **** is the Hash symbol on the Mac Wireless Keyboard? MikeHi Mike, Try Option-3, Shift-3 or Alt-3 CheersRead other 3 answers