Exporting compiled forms to CSV file

November 30 0
In trying to export a small batch of compiled forms, I noticed that the data in the first column (form name) does not line up with the data actually on the form when they are exported.  Any ideas on how to fix that?  They match in the dataset, but not when they are exported.
Open tool Bar
Click on Forms
Click on edit Forms
Click on each Field out of place to select.
Use up, down left, Right arrow keys to nudge in correct position
Repeat for each field out of place.
If created by LiveCycle designer and saved as in xfa(xml) based PDF and you using a version of Acrobat that can't exdit such forms as the Mac version of Acrobat Pro.
Save the file as Copy and it will be converted to a standard version anyone can use. Then Try creating the CVS files.