Error during context generation

October 11 0
Dear Friends,
In interactiveForm UI, when i put adobe form name in Templatesource and try to generate context automatically,
i get an error message ' Error during context generation ' and an empty context node is created.
i manually create attributes under that node and populate them in wddoinit method.
but i dont get those values on PDF output.
What may be the error ??
Kindly suggest.
Hi Otto,
I want to display data of an internal table in adobr form using web dynpro abap and adobe interactive form.
my web dynpro abap application is ready and adobe form is also ready.
when i integrate adobe interactive form on WDA and put form name in TEMPLATESOURCE and press enter
it throws an error message - 'Error in context generation' and an empty node is generated in WDA.
on running the application adobe form is displayed but no data is displayed.
what may be the error ?
i maintained attributes of node manually but then also no data is displayed.
that means data binding is not successful.
what may be the case ???
kindly suggest
Error during context generation

Dear Friends, In interactiveForm UI, when i put adobe form name in Templatesource and try to generate context automatically, i get an error message ' Error during context generation ' and an empty context node is created. i manually create attributes

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