Ereader and auto scroll

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Is there an ereader for the Iphone that supports auto scroll?
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Ereader and auto scroll

Is there an ereader for the Iphone that supports auto scroll? do a search.Read other 2 answers

Text - Auto Scroll Function

Does my iPad have an  Auto Scroll   for Safari? Is there a "hidden" feature that I can use for reading a text with Safari? An automatic scroll (activated by an command) would be a comfortable function. I don´t want to use an App. ThanksTap and s

Auto-scrolling of list view in Finder windows sometimes doesn't work

I've noticed a minor bug in 10.4 that doesn't seem to show up in 10.3.9, and I thought I'd comment on it here because it's mildly annoying, and I'm not sure that anyone at Apple is aware of the issue. My Pictures folder is pretty large -- I have over

How to get Auto scroll bar in a JSP?

Hi Gurus, I have created a custom jsp page in a B2B application. How to get the auto scroll bar when page is exceeded than it can display? Is there any specific tag or div which is to be included to get this scroll bar? Thanks a lot in advance!! Rega

Just updated to Firefox 8, and my auto scroll on my touchpad no longer works. Any help?!

Auto Scroll is checked in the advanced settings/options, but still not working. Arrow keys do work to scroll, but I do not use those....So far I'm not impressed with the updated firefox! Not liking the way it's set up!!Not sure whether this link can

How to auto scroll a table to last row when using Active Data Service?  11g

Hi all, Has anyone got any experience with the ADF Active Data Service? I am using an af:table in combination with the ADF Active Data Service and I want the table to scroll to the latest row when new data arrives. It is basically a simple setup: The

Auto scrolling dynamic text field(news ticker)

> This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible. --B_3272625483_2679871 Content-type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII" Content-transfer-encoding: 7bit Does

My auto-scroll 3rd button does not work in FireFox 3.6. It worked in previous FF versions.

I have updated FireFox. My auto-scroll 3rd button now does not work in this version, 3.6 I have updated my mouse and checked the TOOLS "Use auto-scroll"... still it does not work. I need my equipment to work. PLEASE FIXI hate to sound like a bro

How do you enable Auto Scroll in a sequence pane, and MIDI devices?

Hello, I am just getting used to Garage Band for the first time. I am finding that Garage Band is much easier to deal with than Mark Of the Unicorn from a musical standpoint. I am now converting my many MIDI sequences to GB. I have run into these thr

Mail Drag and Drop to mailboxes not auto-scrolling

When dragging a mail message to the sidebar and the mailbox I want to drag it to is not in sight, on earlier OSes, I used to be able to drag and hold to the top or bottom of the sidebar and it would auto-scroll so I could drop the message where I wan

Need debugging help: Why is JScrollPane auto-scrolling?

I'm trying to figure out why when I double-click on a cell within a JTable that's wrapped in a JScrollPane in order to open up another window, the JScrollPane automatically scrolls to the top. Even when I update the double click operation to simply c

Why does the history/library window auto-scroll away from the previous point in the library?

When in Firefox 23.0's history/library window when I am browsing it will auto-scroll to the top of "Today" page making it frustrating and difficult to browse. I do not seem to recall this being the case before. I disabled "auto-scroll"

Why does snagit auto scroll not work in firefox version 3.6.8 and can it be fixed

I have used Snagit v9.1 with Firefox for a long time through many updates but when I updated to Firefox version 3.6.8 the auto scroll stoped working, I did go back to an earlier version of Firefox and it worked OK.[

How scroll through a list of items in list box with code in C# winforms to create auto scrolling

I am new to programming and I have been tasked to create a form to display information in list box controls on a big screen. The list boxes have to show all data by auto scrolling through all data row by row then start again at the top once it has di

Help please, does Safari have auto scrolling?

Hello, I am new to Safari and have searched, but cannot find any info on auto scrolling, can you auto scroll?, and if so, how do you set it, thanks, Dennis you can email me at: [email protected]Safari does not support any autoscrolling feature. Mulde

Can I force middle click to exclusively activate auto scrolling only?

I don't want the middle mouse button to do anything except auto scroll. I don't want it to paste, open new tabs/windows, or close tabs/windows ever no matter where i click. When trying to auto scroll over a link (ex. wallpaper galleries), firefox ope

Apple Mail Auto Scrolling to Top of Inbox in Yosemite

Hello, Apple Mail used to stay on the last opened/read email and new messages would appear above it and I would need to scroll up to see new emails.  Now, with Yosemite the Inbox is always Auto Scrolled to the top when I go to check new emails.  It's

03/25/08 auto-scroll Index

I did a search in the forum for "Auto-scroll" and found a post in the forum on 3/25/08 but I can't open that page. What do I need to do differently besides clicking "Next" at the bottom. It goes 4 pages in and then doesn't let me conti

Auto-scrolling doesn't work when JFrame is not visible

Hi, I have auto-scrolling implemented for my JTextPane that sits in JScrollPane - which lives in JInternalFrame. It works as excepted - as long as my application's JFrame is visible. When the JFrame becomes invisible, auto-scrolling simply doesn't wo

How do I disable the page from auto scrolling or moving on it's own?

Not sure who the genuis at Adobe that came up with the auto-scrolling page feature, but it's really bad when trying to focus on the artwork. How can I turn it off?Why wouldn't they give us the option? It's horrible! Worse than iTunes 11Read other 3 a