DVD Player v5.4 beginning to hang rather than play

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I am running a Mac Pro tower with OS X 10.6.8 in it. I use it for many tasks including previewing commercially made DVDs.  Up until two days ago it worked perfectly.  Then it started hanging.  When I put a DVD into the computer it is recognized and DVD Player starts.  The disc loads and shows the typical Warning message regarding not pirating the disc then at the spot where this warning should leave the screen, the player hangs.  None of the buttons on the remote work.  Trying to eject the disc gets a message stating the disc can't be ejected as it is being used by DVD Player.  The only way to stop the program is to use a Force Quit.  This, naturally, sends a message to apple detailing what was happening. I allow this message to be sent.
The discs are not defective as they play just fine in my ancient iMac and on my blu ray DVD player. 
Is it possible to load a fresh copy of just the DVD player or do I need to do a reinstall of the OS?
Thanks for any suggestions sent this way.
Does it display a Menu at the end of the presentation / movie? If so, open Map View and select the very first or top box and hit the delete key. You'll see a "puff" and then it's no longer an Autostart Dvd but rather you'll now see a Menu at the very start of the Dvd.
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In the past one had to drag and drop the movie or slideshow to the first box where it says "drag content here" for it to be an AutoStart Dvd. But the software engineers made a little change where it now at times defaults to an AutoStart Dvd.
Some folks on this forum suspect it's apple's attempt at trying to make iDvd easier to use. But in reality, it's actually making for the reverse scenario since many mac users don't particularly appreciate this added / default feature .
Hope this helps but if not just come on back.
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DVD Player v5.4 beginning to hang rather than play

I am running a Mac Pro tower with OS X 10.6.8 in it. I use it for many tasks including previewing commercially made DVDs.  Up until two days ago it worked perfectly.  Then it started hanging.  When I put a DVD into the computer it is recognized and D

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