Disk utility can't find the hard drive

November 30 0
I'm getting the flashing question mark when I try to start up my computer. I tried to use disk utility (starting the machine from the system software CD) to diagnose the problem but it wouldn't even find the hard drive. Any suggestions? Any help greatly appreciated!
Nothing at all, Tony. When I came back to work on my computer after a 30-minute break, one of the applications was frozen. Soon after, everything froze. After restarting, the flashing question mark came up. I was able to boot from CD but when I tried to run disk utility it wouldn't find the hard drive. At this point I'm at a loss and I'm worried about my data, which, as it happens, I hadn't stored elsewhere! Any suggestions?
Disk Utility won't initialize second Maxtor drive

My first hardware upgrade has not gone too well. I just got a Maxtor 6L250S0 drive to fill empty second bay of my dual 1.8 PowerMac G5. (Drive specs: 250 GB SATA Ultra 16, DiamondMax, 16 MB cache, 7200 RPM) Installation was a breeze, but I can't get

Can I just close disk utility without risking data loss or drive problems?

I am using disk utility's restore to clone a hard drive to an external drive but it is taking forever (telling me 3 days)  and the cancel button won't work. Can I just close disk utility without risking data loss or drive problems? Force quit? Anyone

Disk utility can't find iMac hard drive

I had to power off my iMac by Pressing the power key and holding it several times over the last few weeks. The last time it wouldn't reboot - I'd just get an apple icon. When I tried a safe boot I'd get the icon and it would change to a no entry sign

Disk Utility not finding new internal hard drive

Hi All My internal hard drive died recently and I replaced with a western digital drive from newegg.. All the cables are hooked up correctly, including the orange cable attached to the hard drive. Problem is that when I go to install OS X, Disk Utili

HT4848 how to erase the disk utility from my usb portbalbe flash drive

how do I  erase the disk utility from my usb portbalbe flash drive. I need the flash drive for other stuff and it isn't allowing me to do so.Here is information on the recovery partition, includin how to remove it from a drive: http://reviews.cnet.co

Can I use Disk Utility to erase Apple TV hard drive?

Can I use Disk Utility to erase Apple TV hard drive?I don't know, but I doubt it can be done using Disk Utility. I suggest you consult the user manual for it or see if there is a Reset option in the onscreen menues. If you don't have a manual, then y

Disk Utility - Won't Repair Flash/Thumb Drive

So my Mac froze for some reason, while my Kingston thumb/flash drive was in. I tried to eject it, but I could only force eject (which it said may cause issues). After that, whenever I put the thumb drive in, it said something like the drive won't wor

Disk Utility:  Backup to partition on external drive?

Hi people. Would be glad of an answer and any comments on this. I have 3 Macs at home, a new G5 dual core and 2 G4 imacs, networked wirelessly. At this point I only backup my G5 to a second internal HD, by using Disk Utility's 'Restore' function. My

Desktop or Disk Utility won't show External Hard Drives

The Desktop or Disk Utility won't show  2 of my old external hard drives and so they are currently unsusable. My computer however recognise other external drives. 320GB Western Digital MyBook Premium model number: WD3200D032-000 500 GB Western Digita

Disk Utility won't recognize new hard drive

Hello, Thanks for taking the time to read this. The original hard drive (80 GB) went bad, so I replaced with a new 160 GB Western Digital one. I formatted the hard drive using Disk Utility from the Mac OS X Disk. It worked the first time I booted int

Disk utility can't repair external hard drive

A couple months back, I had to get a whole new hard drive case for my external because the power cord broke. Anyway, It's worked fine until now... The hard drive doesn't show up with the other volumes. It does show up on Disk Utility. When I try to r

Disk Utility cant repair my external hard drive?!

I'm using a 1 TB WD external hard drive on my Macbook Pro (OS is still Snow Leopard). It was working just fine until a few days ago the hard drive does not show on finder. I tried to repair it with disk utility but it gave the following message "Disk

Disk Utility error when verifying DIY fusion drive

Hi, It has been a while since I had to post a problem, but I need others advice on this if you can help.  When 10.8.3 came out I installed an M4 512gb ssd in my main drive bay of 2008 unibody aluminium macbook and put a 1tb spinner in the optibay.  C

Disk Utility Showing "No Slices" on Hard drive test ?

What does Disk Utility mean when it states "No Slices" available when verifying or repairing a HDD ? There appears to be zero information about this, including on Google. Does it signify that the HDD is dead or beyond recovery ? Does anyone know

Disk Utility + A Question For CD ROM Drives

Hello, I Own A MacBook, It Was Shipped With Tiger On It And I Upgraded It To Leopard. Now A Little While Ago I Did A Format And Install To Start Fresh Again, The Internal HDD Is 80Gb, I Needed More So i Got A 80Gb EXTERNAL HDD. i wanted to partition

Disk Utility wont copy TimeMachine to new Drive using Restore

I'm trying to transfer my TimeMachine backups to a new firewire 800 drive from an old USB2 one. Having read the advice on here, I've tried to copy across the drive using restore. Disk Utility thought about it for 4 hours or so and then gave me the fi

Disk Utility is completely worthless with external drives

I've tried two different drives now on both Leopard and Tiger. Any time I try to do anything at all with the drive it beach balls and I have to force quit Dick Util. I just want to format/partition one of my hard drives -- something I've done hundred

Can Disk Utility get SMART status from external drives?

I recently updated my backup plan with a NewerTech quad-interface dock and a WD Caviar Green hd. I'm using the FW800 interface to connect to my iMac (10.6.7) Everything works perfectly, as expected. I noticed, though, that Disk Utility cannot report

Disk Utility Can't format my USB drive

I've got a Transcend 8GB usb drive and i want to erase everything on it but i can't. I know that the best way to do this is the Disk Utility (Because Finder can't erase them too. When I drag and drop to the bin, it says "43 files cannot be deleted&qu

DIsk Utility Hangs When Formatting USB flash drive

I have a 4gb USB drive (Jetflash by Transcend) that's been usable formatted as FAT. I'd read that i/o would be a lot faster if I formatted as Mac OS Extended instead. In fact, I've done this with previous USB drives with success. When I try to reform