Cv01n-grey field

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Dear all,
In t-code CV01N, "create original" icon is there after clicking this icon pop-up will appears In that poo-up five field are there, but one field "storage category" is in grey .
I want to assign storage category there only . How can activate this field?
kindly help
Dear all
Waiting for your reply
Cv01n-grey field

Dear all, In t-code CV01N, "create original" icon is there after clicking this icon pop-up will appears In that poo-up five field are there, but one field "storage category" is in grey . I want to assign storage category there only . H

PO document date to be grey field while creating PO

Hi, As per customer requirement, We need to display the PO document date in grey field. So that user cant edit at time of PO creation. Any configuration changes available for change PO document date in display mode. Note: I have checked in IMG->MM->

The GR-based IV is tick marked & it is in grey Field,Kindly help me how to

Dear All While creating Framework PO,The GR-based IV is tick marked & it is in grey Field,Kindly help me how to remove the tick mark. Correction did in Vendor master.Kindly let me know whatelse i have to do.Hi! If u are using doc. type FO, then see t

Cannot load messages in Gmail anymore, only grey field appears...can answer however.

Hi, This morning, when opening Gmail I could not read my messages anymore, text is not visible only a little grey field appears where the text ought to be... Updated firefox, problem still persists. Does not occur when in Safari ( but I prefer Firefo

EAN/UPC field in sales order is grey field

Dear all, when i am creating Sales Order, EAN/UPC field is grey field i cannot enter any value in that. I want to used these field, then how i can use these field. Also is there any specific purpose for the EAN/UPC field,where it is used. Regards, PM

Grey field for project definition and WBS element

Dear all, I have created a project and WBS element in CJ01. Now I go via CJ02 to the change mode and the project ID and WBS element ID is not greyed out. But I would like that the system shows these key fields as not changeable anymore, only fields l

In easy DMS-Activate grey field

Dear all, In easy DMS , find or search document screen some of field are in grey ex. full text search it is possible to activate this field through  to configure TREX, in SPRO How can i configure TREX in spro . Plz give me detail or path ot t-code Rg

Disable Crystal reports grey fields in the preview

Dear forum users, I've got an application not written by me (so I do not have source code) that displays a Report in a standard Crystal Report Viewer. In the preview when I click on a field it gets rounded with a grey border, filled with a grey backg

Fields appear grey instead of light blue

I have a user (using Acrobat X) that when she opens a pdf form she sees the fields in grey. Even though she changes the settings in Prefernces to light blue, it defaults back to grey.Hey George .. just got back from the user's desk. Here's what I can

Catalog codes not getting displayed in Field- QS41

During my customisation activity, codes of catalog profiles are not getting displayed in SAP screen. Field for codes are showing as blank grey area in QS41 Tcode. If I try creating same codes again, system throwing error saying "key for entry is exis

How to check the field existence in a string at Header level?

Hello, I have a bunch of fields on my_form, just for example here in this posting I am using US state names ....., say for example, I have 3 fields, their names are as below 1) NY, 2) CA,  3) TX I placed a hidden a text field, its name is GFL (i mean

PO price grey mode required from all type of PO's

hi, We have created different PO types. We have the info record for all the materials. If we select PO type and processed the material, the rate is coming under grey field. This is we required. If we process the same material through standard PO, sys

Thumbnail appears but no image in the display field

I have downloaded several photos from the same Canon camera into Image Browser (software that comes with the camera) and I have imported them into iPhoto 6 but only some appear in the display area for editing etc. They all appear as thumbnails in the

Add new field in transaction V_RA

hi all, can we create additional new field for report in transaction V_RA. i would like to add field customer material number (KDMAT) in Setting, i see "Additional field On" , but it's grey. thanks HendryThe greyed field is due to authorization

Changing of field in CMR-urgent

Hi,    I want to change Recon account group of existing customer.when i am trying to change it system is not allowing since it had become as grey field. plz suggest me some one..............Hi Img     -->  Financial Accounting           ->  accounts

Change type field active mode while selecting Change number type

Dear All, Our requirement is to get the list of Change type in the CC01 T-code when we click the change master. When we select ECR then we are getting the change list of change type. But, when we select the change master as type, then change type is

A blocked Text Field

Hello, I don't know which type of UIControl to use for a blocked text field (a textual grey field on which i cannot type). I don't want to use CSS to set background of the label/Text Field on grey color. Could some one help me solving this issue. THa

Firfox runs the update check when opening everytime and doesn't remember previous settings; any reason?

When opening Firefox 5 in W7 enterprise (x64) it checks compatibility for add-ons and extensions, shows the welcome to FF5 screen and the welcome to Foxtab screen. I then find that all of the permissions I set in No-Script are gone. This only happens

I updated to the new ios 7.1.1 and now my iphone 4S does not ring.  It does vibrate, but even though I've checked all my settings and confirmed that it IS set to ring, it doesn't.  Anyone else had this happen, and if so, found a solution?

I have tried the usual:  check to be sure "do not disturb" is not activated (it isn't),  checked the ringtone to be sure it did ring (it did). . . this didn't seem to happen right away after the update, for some reason -- it was initially ringin

How do I automatically sync outlook contacts to iphone contacts? My email and calendar does this but even though in settings I have the contacts ON it does not.

How do I get my outlook contacts to automatically sync to my iphone 5? In settings I have it set up to do so BUT it does not. My email and calendar updates every 1/2 hour but I can't get my contacts to auto update. Please advise.Start with your finge