Costing process run results

November 30 0
i am trying to view my costing process using View>Payroll process Result
Payroll = Monthly payroll
Action Type= Costing
and i click on find i can see the costing date as 31-MAR-2010. i then click on the Assignment Process button and then i click on the employee that i want to view the details for costing and i click on costing button
It takes me to a screen where i must enter the Costed Run information i.e i must select a date from the lov and then i click on the details section under the Element name i can view the employee details for each element and the debit and credit entries for the each elements.
Can some one tell me the table name for this form as i want to view using sql select command.
appreciate all your help!
Try this query..
select pet.element_name "Element",pc.costed_value "Value", pc.debit_or_credit "Debit / Credit",pc.balance_or_cost "Balance / Cost",ppa1.date_earned,paa1.assignment_id
from pay_costs pc,
pay_cost_allocation_keyflex pcak,
     pay_input_values_f piv,
     pay_element_types_f pet,
     pay_assignment_actions paa,
     pay_payroll_actions ppa,
     pay_action_interlocks pai,
     pay_assignment_actions paa1,
     pay_payroll_actions ppa1
where pc.cost_allocation_keyflex_id = pcak.cost_allocation_keyflex_id
and pc.assignment_action_id = paa.assignment_action_id
and paa.payroll_action_id = ppa.payroll_action_id
and pc.input_value_id = piv.input_value_id
and piv.ELEMENT_TYPE_ID = pet.element_type_id
and ppa.action_type = 'C'
and paa.assignment_action_id = pai.locking_action_id
and pai.locked_action_id = paa1.assignment_action_id
and paa1.payroll_action_id = ppa1.payroll_action_id
and ppa1.action_type IN ('R','Q')
and paa1.source_action_id IS NULL
and paa1.assignment_id = :pAssignmentId
and ppa1.date_earned = :pDate
order by 1
Costing process run results

i am trying to view my costing process using View>Payroll process Result Payroll = Monthly payroll Action Type= Costing and i click on find i can see the costing date as 31-MAR-2010. i then click on the Assignment Process button and then i click on t

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