Corrupted blocks

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Corrupted blocks are shown after runnıng dbv
but I cant see them from the
Was dbv supposed to mark the block corrupt somewhere?
The V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION view indicates which blocks in a datafile were marked corrupt since the most recent BACKUP or BACKUP VALIDATE command was run.
ORACLE 8.0.5 on SuSE 5.3 and 6.0 - Corrupt Block

I do some heavy loading (Designer 2000) and I do get similar errors on 2 different computer with mirrored disks -different systems - on each one. So I'd like to exclude hardware problems. it's experimental - so I do not run archives - Designer on W95

Recovery is repairing media corrupt block x of file x in standby alert log

Hi, oracle version: os version :solaris  5.9 we have oracle 8i primary and standby database. i am getting erorr in alert log file: Thu Aug 28 22:48:12 2008 Media Recovery Log /oratranslog/arch_1_1827391.arc Thu Aug 28 22:50:42 2008 Media Rec

ORA-19566: exceeded limit of 999 corrupt blocks for file

Hi All, I am new to Oracle RMAN & RAC Administration. Looking for your support to solve the below issue. We have 2 disk groups - +ETDATA & +ETFLASH in our 3 node RAC environments in which RMAN is configured in node-2 to take backup. We do not have

Corrupt block relative dba: 0x0041470c

Corrupt block relative dba: 0x0041470c (file 1, block 83724) Fractured block found during buffer read Data in bad block: type: 6 format: 2 rdba: 0x0041470c last change scn: 0x0009.90b485ad seq: 0x1 flg: 0x04 spare1: 0x0 spare2: 0x0 spare3: 0x0 consis

Corrupt block methods

Hi 1-) If the database in noarchivelog mode I cannot issue: Rman> BACKUP VALIDATE DATABASE; Since this command just checks if there is any corrupted blocks, and doesnt take backup, why it wants archivelog mode ? 2-) If I want to search corrupted bloc

Corrupted blocks

Corrupted blocks are shown after runnıng dbv but I cant see them from the V$backup_corruption v$database_block_corruption; why?Was dbv supposed to mark the block corrupt somewhere? The V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION view indicates which blocks in a data

Does a truncate table solve corrupt blocks in a table

Hi Guys, Got a question: Does a truncate table solve corrupt blocks in a table? I have found corrupt blocks in rman, located them, they are in 1 table. And contacted the business, and have permission to drop and recreate the table, but my question is

Error: ORA-00227 - Corrupt block detected in control file

Hey everybody, I'm having problems with Oracle, here is the error displayed: SQL> startup; ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 247463936 bytes Fixed Size 1258244 bytes Variable Size 92278012 bytes Database Buffers 150994944 bytes Redo B

Corrupt block error + valid data found ???

Hi, I am getting a peculiar block corruption error in my production database ( It also says "valid data found". I am able to analyze the suspect table without any reported issues. Can any one please suggest? Details from Alertlog below:

Skipping Corrupt Block

Hi Gurus, My alert log was showing a block corrupt and i repaired it with dbms utility. After this oracle starts generating a trace file in udump folder every minute which shows follwing error. table scan: segment: file# 19 block# 67 skipping corrupt

ORA-19566: exceeded limit of 0 corrupt blocks

Hi All, We have been encountering some issues with RMAN backup; it has been erroring out with same errors (max corrupt blocks). As of now, I ran the db verify for affected files and found that indexes are failing. When I tried to find out the indexes

Need to find the corrupted blocks.

Hi, I am having blocks corruption(nologging) for the 11g database. Want to find the whether corrupted blocks are from indexes or from specific tables...Thanx.. I am firing below query. SELECT e.owner, e.segment_type, e.segment_name, e.partition_name,

Block Corruption (BR0398E DBVERIFY detected corrupted blocks in /oracle/TS2

Hello Gurus I am facing Data Block corruption error for single datafile.... BR0278W Command output of '/oracle/TS2/102_64/bin/dbv file=/oracle/TS2/sapdata3/ts2_73/ts2.data73 blocksize=8192': DBVERIFY: Release - Production on Thu Jul 17 23:

Strange Corrupt Block Error in Control File not in CONTROL_FILES

When in RMAN connected to the TARGET and CATALOG I issue a RESYNC CATALOG I get this error: RMAN> RESYNC CATALOG; RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ========

How to make a corrupted block?

Hi all, Is there any method to make a block corrupted in Oracle (for Windows)? My target is to test detecting and repairing corrupted blocks tools in Oracle. Thanks in advance, Ahmed B.Its not a great practice to do and oracle doesn't recommend such

Help Fix 26473 Corrupt blocks in system09.dbf

How to Format Corrupted Block Not Part of Any Segment [ID 336133.1] I'm following the above doc to fix 26K corrupt blocks in system09.dbf in Step 7 of the Doc it says: +" First find the *extent size* by querying dba_free_space "+ +65536 = If its

DB Recovery due to corrupt block in redologfile

Hello. A block was corrupted in the redo log file # 2 and I don't have backup. So I tried recovering the database using the RECOVER DATABASE until a specified change #. The database required me to use the RECOVER DATABASE USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE ins

Corrupt block relative dba: in alert log

hi, In our recovery database,I've found following error in alert log. Thu Mar 27 07:05:57 2008 Hex dump of (file 3, block 30826) in trace file /u01/app/oracle/admin/catdb/bdump/catdb_m000_21795.trc Corrupt block relative dba: 0x00c0786a (file 3, bloc

RMAN Skips the corrupted Block

Hi, We are using Oracle rman utility for backup, In SYSAUX tablespace, datafile 3, one block has been corrupted. I have try to export the tablespace , i found warning message of "corrupted block and table name". But RMAN, while try to b

All corrupted blocks

Hi, in 10g R2, any query to see all corrupted blocks and their owners ? Thank you.Hi, thanks to all. But I'm confused : SQL> select count(*) FROM sometable; select count(*) FROM sometable ERROR at line 1: ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file