Can i plug in an external harddrive and play movies?

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Can an external harddrive be plugged into an Apple TV and play movies?
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orip67 wrote:
Can an external harddrive be plugged into an Apple TV and play movies?
Can i plug in an external harddrive and play movies?

Can an external harddrive be plugged into an Apple TV and play movies?Welcome to the Apple Community. orip67 wrote: Can an external harddrive be plugged into an Apple TV and play movies? No.Read other 2 answers

Installed my SSD from my Windows 8 PC onto it getting the bootmgr is missing. I formatted the SSD but when I try and plug in my external harddrive to restore my mac settings I backed up using time machine, the computer doesn't show it as an option.

I recently bought a MacBook Pro. I had a windows 8 pc that had hardware issues that didn't deal with the harddrive. When I got the mbp, I installed the SSD from my windows 8 pc into the macbook. Before doing this, I made a time machine backup on my e

Plugged in external harddrive, now computer won't start

So I had my Macbook Pro on and was doing stuff and then plugged in an external drive. All was fine, and then I went to open up Lightroom and Lightroom wouldn't open so I had to force quit a few times. Then the harddrive was "removed" even though

My external harddrive is not showing up on my computer when I plug it in. What can I do?

I have tried plugging in my external hard drive a few times in the last week and when I do, nothing shows up on my computer. The light on the ext hard drive light up like something is happening, but it doesnt pop up on my mac like usual. I recently h

External Harddrive no longer recognized

Hey all. Ok, so I have a 15" MBP and I bought a 1 TB external HD firewire 800 because I needed stuff for my video editing. Everything worked perfectly, I would unplug it and plug it in all the time (properly and improperly). Well I recently moved and

Can somebody please please help me! External harddrive not readable due to dumb mistake!

What is quite possibly one of the dumbest decisions i ever made in my life, I disconnected my external harddrive from my imac & plugged it into a laptop that has Windows 7 to trasfer footage from there to my imac more quicker. I clciked an option tha

External Harddrive won't work on iMac

I have an external harddrive that I previously used on my PC. It only has generic JPG files saved to it. When I plug it in to my iMac it is read only and will not allow me to save things to the disk. In the information menu it shows that it is read o

Maverick does not see External Harddrive

I had a Seagate external usb3 harddrive connected.  I was working on a video file when suddenly I got a message in the upper right hand corner saying that the external harddrive was incorrectly disconnected or dismounted.  OK.  So, I unplug and then

Applying password to an external HardDrive - possible?

Hi I use a Lacie 250 external HardDrive to backup my files and such. Is there anyway I can apply a password to this drive so that when I plug it to a computer I have to enter a password before I can access the files? I have turned off the auto log-on

HT1751 Question: Is it possible to move just part of my iTunes content (i.e. TV shows) to an external harddrive, keeping the rest of the content in place?  Several seasons of TV shows are taking up 102 GB of space, and I'm completely out of space on my HD

Is it possible to move just part of my iTunes content (i.e., only TV shows), keeping the rest of the Library in place?  I have purchased several seasons of some TV shows, which take up 102 GB on my harddrive, inside my iTunes Media Folder.  I don't w

Itunes can't locate original files for songs on my external harddrive

I recently added my music collection to a new computer from my external harddrive. At first everything worked great, now when i open itunes and try to play songs that are located on the harddrive the following error message pops up "The Song "xx

I can't Access my External Harddrive.. Please Help

OS = Vista on a PC I have a WD External Harddrive, that I Can't access. It is a plug in Harddrive (self Powered) If i open "Airport Utility" on the left side it will show the unit. I double click on it. It brings up a secondary window that allow

E3000 shows "USB is not supported" error with External Harddrive

I have the E3000 router and recently purchased a USB WD (Western Digital) 2TB External Harddrive.  I plug the Harddrive into the router, open the router homepage ( then click on Storage > Disk and I get a "The attached USB is n

WD External HardDrive Compatibil​ity Question

Alright, So I bought a 1TB Western Digital External HardDrive Passport. I re-formated it for mac, so it works with my 15" macbook pro. Everything works fine. I'm using the hard drive as a music storage device, since I am a DJ and have a lot of music.

Is it possible to connect and external Harddrive via ethernet?

I have an external Harddrive and the USB port on it has stopped working. It has an Ethernet which I have tried plugging into then onto my mac. It says it is conected but I can't access the Harddrive. Is it possible to do this?I don't think that is po

Using iTunes with an EXTERNAL HARDDRIVE

In order for iTunes to work properly (no skipping, seemless playback, quick loading to the ipod) with a external harddrive, what specifications does the HD need to have? For example, is a 7200rpm harddrive necessary, or will a 5400rpm harddrive work

Problems with library on external harddrive

Hey! I've got my entire iTunes library on an external harddrive, and that causes me some problems because the harddrive sometimes changes which drive letter it connects to (etc, suddently jumping from e: to g:). When this happens of course, iTunes ca

Which external harddrive?

I'm looking at buying an external harddrive for my macbook which and wanted to ask a couple of questions. firstly if i have a bus powered external harddrive will it become a drain on my macbook if the macbook itself is plugged in and secondly can any

New external harddrive already formatted as FAT32 for OSX

I have decided to purchase a new external harddrive already formatted as FAT32 for OSX for me to move files between my pc amd macbook. what would you recommend that is functional and not expensive-less than 150 bucks? 50 gigs would be sufficient for

I need Lacie external harddrive help

I've been using my Lacie Rugged external harddrive with my Macbook for a while. my macbook crashed for somereason and I'm trying to use the harddrive on the gateway computer in the house. The first time it was plugged in the computer said that a new