Automatically payment block is picked up

November 30 0
I made some partial payment to Customer in F-28. Remaining amount was kept in "Residual"
At that time, new document was generated. The new document generated already had payment block. I have not given this block. It automatically picked up the payment block. Let me know why does it picked up payment block automatically.
Thanks for your reply. But when i do partial payment in F-28, SAP automatically picks up payment term 004 in which payment block is given. I have not given any payment term while doing FB70 (Customer invoice) and also there is no payment terms specified in Customer master (in FD01).
So let me know from where SAP picks payment term in F-28 (while partial payment)
Automatically payment block is picked up

Hi I made some partial payment to Customer in F-28. Remaining amount was kept in "Residual" At that time, new document was generated. The new document generated already had payment block. I have not given this block. It automatically picked up t

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Hi all, we have this issue. We would have an automatic payment block for all the PO's that have the 2-way match (no GR set) All these PO's in our company have an account assignement (that could be a cost center or a WBS element). The important is tha

Automatic payment block configuration

Hi, How and where can I deactivate automatic payment block(in MIRO) fo particular doc. type ? I do not want to deactivate amount check for whole company code. Thanks and Regards Rafal Edited by: Rafal Pojda on May 4, 2009 11:35 AMHI, In SPRO-MM-LIV-i

FB60 automatic payment block "A"

Hi Guys, I hope you are doing good.  I have a small issue regarding FI block report. As far as I know, Payment Block "A" it is manual block, however I came to realize that sometimes while processing an invoice using FB60, the document gets autom

In FB60 automatic payment block

Do you know any way how to automatically block documents for payment when they're posted in FB60 (without PO)? I tried to get use of substitution but it doesn't work probably because entries aren't entered manually but chosen from the list.Hi Selwa,


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Automatic Payment program not picking vendors

Hi On Monday,user run F110, some vendors are not picked up for payment. When I've checked this vendor master data payment terms 60 days (Net due date from is mentioned. These vendors fall in to due next 06/22/2008.But they are in open items

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Hi All, Can anyone tell me about this issue: My user is doing MIRO at that time Payment block indicator picks up automatically for some invoices randomly what could be the reason. 1) there is price differences MIGO and MIRO the same Pleas let me know

Payment block in customer/vendors - how to clear

Hi there, We have a situation where we have a customer, who is also a vendor.  When we receive a remittance from the customer, sometimes they deduct the vendor invoice from the remittance.  Because of this we always post invoices to this particular v

F-28 online payment block

Hi, I am getting an Error while processing Customer Payments on T Code : F-28, The Error is as follows : 1 item(s) was/were not activated due to online payment block : Message no. F5528 Please help me resolve the issue Regards, SagarHi, Review your s

Block of payment in automatic payment run

Dear friends, Can anyone help me in blocking an open line item in automatic payment run which is not already blocked but it is due for payment and i donot want to make its payment in the proposal. Also if i want to do partial payment out of the open

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Hi Everyone, Automatic Payment proposals when run, currently picks up all amounts including little cents like , 0.35. The payment method is Check and this involves cutting cheques for very small amounts. How to restrict the program from picking  up a

Automatic Payment Program(F111) not picking Bank Sub accounts

Dear all, The entiries genertaed from automatic payment program(F111) is not picking the bank sub accounts (Receipts/Payment GLs) which are given in the following node:- Financial Accounting --> Bank Accounting --> Business Transactions -->Paymen

Payment block R gets automatically get triggered

Hi Guys:               When i do MIRO,payment block R gets automatically triggered and payment block R is updated in invoice posted document. I am unable to understanding from where it is coming. Please help me to resolve the issue. BrHi, Check this

Automatic payment program picking a different g/l account

Hello everyone, I have a situation here, where I have only one house bank configured and I do manual(using F-53) and automatic(using F110) payment.  Manual payment makes the payment and the g/l account credited is the one configured in the house bank

Payment Block Status automatically set 'Y' in FBV2

Hi Team,              My requirement is this,   when user want to post document by T Code  FBv2 or MIR4               if user stands on 25 to month end date. means  system date check then Payment block automatically set to 'Y' (month end posting). fo

Payment release required; payment block set automatically Message no. F5707

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Automatic Payment Programme-F110

In  Automatic Payment Run for Vendors with Due Date (30 days or 21 Days) and Outgoing Amount should be approx above $100,000 but System is taking all the Vendors and outgoing amount is $332571 which is incorrect. deleted  the proposal and enter the p

Regarding the payment block workflow trigger

Hi Gurus 1. All the invoices should be posted with payment block u201CZu201D (customized) where it is not already populated by MIRO with standard u201CRu201D. 2.Everyday the accountant of the concerned section will run the payment proposal (Automatic

Documents in Payment block in F110 run

Dear friends, I have a specific query in the F110 run, wherein the documents which are having payment block appear in the exception list of the F110 run. Is there any functionality in the Automatic Payment program, wherein i can avoid these blocked i