Audio playback stuttering/skipping randomly itunes 10.1 mac 10.6.5

November 30 0
Having issues with playback on my mac since installing 10.1.
It seems to glitch a track randomly and skips a second of song or something.
7% of my CPU is in use and ive got nearly 4gig of ram free. itunes library is about 32 gig bit its never been an issue before.
Is this a known issue in 10.1 itunes?
the forums are full of discussions about this i suddenly had the same problem.stuttering music.i tried the following to solve the problem,and so far it seems to work for me:throw out all the music from your itunes player,but keep the files in the the music you want to listen to from the library now,and see if it solves the problem for you,too.
Audio playback stuttering/skipping randomly itunes 10.1 mac 10.6.5

Having issues with playback on my mac since installing 10.1. It seems to glitch a track randomly and skips a second of song or something. 7% of my CPU is in use and ive got nearly 4gig of ram free. itunes library is about 32 gig bit its never been an

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