Adobe CS6, Audio File length, and memory

November 30 0
I recently began having issues with my systems memory while using CS6.
I found this discussion concerning 3.0.
I am currently working on a piece that runs 36 hours. I have it split into one 20 hour file and the remaining 16 hours in another. After loading either file, my system memory usage climbs up to 90% in about a 15 minute span. It hangs there for about a half hour, drops down 21%, and then begins the cycle again. I've run memory tests, disabled every unnecessary program from starting up, updated Windows. Memory appears to be functioning correctly. I'm really at a loss. I can still work in Auditon, but not very efficiently. I have another box with 3.0, and have no issues with these files on that system.
Unless I am missing something, there shouldn't be any issue here. Correct?
System Specs
Intel [email protected]
12gigs of RAM
Windows 7 Pro x64
500gb Hard Drive x1
1.5tb Hard Drive x1
Perhaps I should note I save and work with these files from my D: drive.
Thank you
I am working with mono, 44.1, 16bit .wav files. I have no issue opening the Audio Files, I have no issue viewing the files in Waveform, I have no issue viewing the files in Spectral. I have an issue with the system memory. There is absolutely nothing I can think of that could be causing the physical memory usage to cycle the way it does.
I seldom use a multitrack session, and such is the case with this project. No multitracking sessions are being used.
Adobe CS6, Audio File length, and memory

I recently began having issues with my systems memory while using CS6. I found this discussion concerning 3.0. I am currently working on a piece that runs 36 hours. I have it split into one 20 hour file and the

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