Add column with row number to table

November 30 0
to a table view I'd like to add a new column that contains the row number for each row.
I have many data sources (twelve) and with the union operator I create one output dataset. The output data is sorted by the arrangement of the input ports of the union operator.
Is there a way to add a column with its corresponding entry number?
Regards, FT
I have a similar question to the original post. It seems your answer will fill the new field in all rows with the same value. But, what if we want an actual row number?
I am simply looking to add a row number to a table. I only have one data source. The business scenario is that the output of the data service is sorted in descending order on value. I want to be able to select the first 10 (i.e. the top 10 items based on that value).
Even if I can solve my business scenario without using a row number field after the sort, it seems like a technique that would come in handy. 
Any ideas? I'm pretty new to using Visual Composer so I may be missing something obvious.
Add column with row number to table

Hi, to a table view I'd like to add a new column that contains the row number for each row. I have many data sources (twelve) and with the union operator I create one output dataset. The output data is sorted by the arrangement of the input ports of

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