A Standard RRB report that shows actual project cost line items .... ?

October 11 0
A Standard RRB report that shows actual project cost line items but that also shows amount/qty by rejected, billed, to be billed, postponed?
I'm looking for something that will allow project managers to reconciile with the RRB totals and be able to dril in a see a level detail not available in RRB to decide what should be billed, what should should be deferred (postponed) and what should be rejected out of hand.
Thanks Virendra Pal but the VAx5 reports are not really the answer - maybe a custom report will be required right enough.
A Standard RRB report that shows actual project cost line items .... ?

A Standard RRB report that shows actual project cost line items but that also shows amount/qty by rejected, billed, to be billed, postponed? I'm looking for something that will allow project managers to reconciile with the RRB totals and be able to d

Project Actual Cost Line Items (CJI3) - Need Invement Profile Key also

Hi All, We are trying to execute the report "Project Actual Cost Line Items" through Transaction Code CJI3. We need Invement Profile Key also in the out report of CJI3. Is there any Standard SAP report to get Invement Profile Key as well along w

Asset Balances & Cost Line items Report

Hi, I am looking for a Report which would combine Asset (S_ALR_87011963)balance report and Cost line item Report(CJi3) for Projects.Hi, The flow is like this ( if u r using timesheets for confirmation): CAT2 : Timesheet: Enter Times : User enters the

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Hi Gurus, I am having issue with the report (S_ALR_87013611) that is actual/plan line items for Cost Center. When i execute the report for a cost element  510200 the amount is 23,380.13, but when i drill down on it by double click on that amount the

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Hello, I am displaying the report: Plan cost line items for cost centers and when I display the details of a line item it appears a document number, where could I display this document? I have tried to display it in FB03 transaction but it seems not

Internal Order - KOB1 - Actual Cost Line Item Report

Hi Friends, I need to understand how the KOB1 Report - Actual Cost Line Item works. As per my understanding when ever there is cost posted with assignment to Internal order this report should reflect the amount. We have a PO with account assignment t

RRI to Project Systems Line Item Report

Hi I have configured a RRI from a BI query to the report RKPBW000 as per OSS note 356166. My query includes the restriction for 0DB_CR_IND - (debits only). However when the RRI is executed the line item report is not restricted by the debit credit in

Error in Project System Line Item report (CJI3, CJI4, CJI5, etc)

Dear Expert, I am facing error for all PS line item report, for example: CJI3 .. When I tried to execute CJI3, the following is the error message (ABAP dump): Does anyone experience similar problem? How to fix this? I search the Internet, but suspect

Development of Report for Cleared and Uncleared Vendor Line Items

Hi we are in the process of developing a customized report, which invloves the details of cleared and un cleared line items for vendors. How can we obtain the details in SAP regards satyenHello, Before consider developing any program development, I w

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hi everbody, i have to develop a report with OFFSETTING A/C in GL LINE ITEMS. if anyone has has code regarding this report then plz share with me. my id is- [email protected] plz i am looking for it.hope that u all will help me and share with me the

Report invoice document number againt PO line item

Hi Forums, Can any body so kind to tell me is there any standard report in SAP 4.7 C where we can get the list of invoice document number against each line item of PO. I have tried the ME2N & ME2L report. If I double click the POH then only it give m

Financial reporting and balance carry forward at Line item level

Hello We are in the process of implementing a new GL and using it to create Balance Sheet and P&L statements in BW. We have installed the new datasource for GL line items 0FI_GL_14 and loaded the data to a DSO. Installed the 0FI_GL_10 (totals infosou

Report in R/3 for vendor line item details

Dear friends, Please provide direction on how we can run a report (SAP R3 or BW) that provides the vendor name/and number for all A/P transactions (both via purchase orders and direct pay) by G/L account?. Is it possible in SAP R/3 or do we need to d

When the labor cost of timesheet  go to the Actual Cost Line Items report ?

Hi , when the user book the time in timesheet on Network / Activity, when this record reflect the actual cost of project ? After Timesheet Approve via CATS_APPR_LITE Or after Confirmation Or after transfer via CATA Who can tell me the relationship am

FAGLL03 report not filtering G/L line items based on vendor entered in free selection

Hello SAPians, I have a requirement to add Vendor field in the free(dynamic) selection of the standard report FAGLL03 so that G/L line items are displayed(filtered) based on the vendor values given. I followed the SAP note 945932 to create the vendor

How to copy line items from one expense report to the next

I travel to the same project/destination every week so in PR05, I was able to just copy the previous expense report for the new week and edit the expense values. Now, when I book travel, the air line booking starts a new expense report entry. Is ther

Customized drill-down report cannot go to line item level (FGI4 and FGI1)

Hi Expert, I created a customized drill-down report using New GL features, as follows: FGI4 create form, with reference to form: 0SAPBLNCE-01 FGI1 create report for the form created. After that I set some things like characteristic, variables, and ou

KSB1 report - restriction on line items displayed in output

In the standard report KSB1(Actual cost line items for  Cost center) it displays selection cancelled after 5000 data records,is there way i could get all the records displayed for the period we select.Please advice.Hello, I know, its too late to post

Cost element and Line item reports show different actual costs

Hi PS experts, My client has an issue pertaining to actual cost reports. The cost element report shows actual costs $42,000 for one WBS and when I double click to see details the value it shows is $2100. Even when I checked line item report for this

Po Line item error report

Hi All I am working on an requirment where the business needs to block the line item of old purchase order . when they are trying to block they are getting error message due to invalid line item master data at the time of blocking . Since the number